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The Docklands

Now is the time in Ireland when the warm weather invites the best of what the republic has to offer.

Festivities are scheduled for the outdoors aplenty in the spring and summer months because this is the ideal climate to celebrate Irish culture. This gives every Irishman the chance to show the world what they can really do!

By hooking on your favorite piece of Irish jewelry, you can set out for the latest event in style and also while embracing something very important to you. This silver shamrock with gold plate border pendent is a great symbol to pair with your summer clothes.

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Shamrocks are vital emblems in Ireland. They not only signify things that are patriotic and loyal to the republic, but the shamrock is also a well-known good luck charm. Suffice it to say, this necklace can become your favorite piece. You may even find it becomes your tried and true go-to necklace in case you are in need of a little good fortune. It is made of both sterling silver and gold so you have the best of both precious elements.

And speaking of patriotic, in the next month Ireland is throwing a festival in Dublin called the Docklands Summer Festival. It is held at Grand Canal Dock in Dublin and is not only for eccentric talents, but for water adventurers.

There are activities provided on both land and sea. For those who prefer aquatics, there is wake-boarding, kayaking, rafting, duck races and a golf island challenge. For those who are interested, the golf island challenge involves participants who get the chance to hit a golf ball from Grand Canal Square. They attempt to make it into a hole on a floating island about one hundred yards away. It is not as easy as it sounds. Those lucky enough to get a hole in one get their names entered into a prize giveaway. The gift is a stay in the Maldron Hotel Cardiff.

For those preferring the dry activities, Docklands offers greyhound races and street performances form various artists. They will also have a Funfair in which several traditional rides will be featured to keep the kiddies entertained.

And a day at Docklands wouldn’t be complete without delicious treats to eat. This year they will be offering many different foods that come from local distributors and are meant to be enjoyed by the docks.

For more information, visit Docklands Summer Festival.






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