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Easter Celebration Jewelry

With Easter and the beginning of Spring right upon us, comes fantastic combinations of colors and many celebration opportunities for the Easter holiday. Spring time means new vibrant color palettes popping up everywhere in the world from one’s new spring wardrobe to the skyline when walking outdoors. Warmer weather means new clothes that accent the bust line which is the perfect time of the year to wear necklaces. Also, Easter incorporates all of these things from new colors to warmer weather into the many formal opportunities that awaits those looking to entertain and mingle.

The greatest points to emphasize for jewels this time of year would be brighter colors and perhaps those that look a bit festive for springtime. The Sterling Silver Celtic Weave Necklace is a beautiful necklace that can be worn by a young lady for a lighthearted gathering. It will most definitely pop when worn with a bright pastel color or even an ivory or white dress. One could even pair this necklace with a denim color and it would look amazing. It has geometric shapes that make it’s pattern almost intoxicating to behold as triangles and swirls are all contained within the spiral shape.

Sterling Silver Celtic Weave Necklace Sp2205









Another great pendant to purchase for this time of year for it’s multi-purpose uses in spring activities plus holiday uses is the Celtic Silver Trinity Stone Set Pendant. This pendant is made of sterling silver with a very contemporary pattern of curves and twists. In the center of this circular pattern is a sparkling green cubic zirconia which acts as a magnet for the eye as a focal point of color. If looking to pair a consummate piece with a lovely floral outfit this would be the piece to wear with family and friends to Easter dinner, church or perhaps a picnic on the lawn or the lake. This necklet does come with a matching pair of earrings, the Celtic Silver Trinity Stone Set Earrings. These earrings look exactly the same as the pendant in representation and are sterling silver as well. It is a great idea to consider getting both the pendant and the earrings to wear either as a group or to alternate with different outfits.


Whichever pieces do catch your fancy do try to keep in mind ones that contain eye-catching colors and those that will go with the styles of the spring season and Easter holiday. This way you will be more excited to wear your jewelry and will look more jubilant at any occasion where you chose to wear them.






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