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What My Google Search Taught Me

Ever find something when you weren’t even looking? It seems that donkeys needed to have their say.

I never thought I’d be one to ever suggest this. I mean, in terms of adoption, the first things that come to mind are the unwanted children out there in need of help. I also think about abandoned dogs and other “domestic” animals. From one who has adopted three animals in her lifetime, I was surprised to find donkeys under a Google search that had only two words in it: sanctuary and Ireland.

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Quite adorable, a donkey looks on.

What I was planing on researching or writing about today had nothing at all to do with these creatures. But, sure enough, what popped up in my search was a place in Cork called “The Donkey Sanctuary.”

On a personal note, I have been told before, that I have donkey animal totem in me. If you believe in this kind of stuff, it is actually kind of neat. So, after what happened today, I’m kind of thinking that maybe that animal part of me lead me to this. Perhaps, it was all in an effort to help like-minded friends in distress.

An animal totem as a donkey is actually a really good thing. I take it as a compliment that donkeys are considered highly intelligent, dedicated and willing to help out others. There are other parts in there about a donkey that I attribute to other astral influences that can be read up on. We’ll save that for another day, but feel free and look here for more info.

Regardless, learning that probably one of the biggest animals in need in Ireland was a donkey left me a bit speechless. I mean, I had no idea and chances are, neither did alot of other people out there.

donkeys (1)

It turns out that donkeys suffer from neglect, sadly, and have even been through cruelty. This is a very sad thing to hear especially considering all of their benevolent qualities.

Ireland is a very wet place and this climate can take it’s toll on donkeys causing their hooves to become infected and then they can become very sick with little effort.

Another piece of this is that if they get too heavy, the excess weight can exacerbate poor health conditions. So, in short, donkeys need quality care and there are lots of them out there. They do not like the solitary life, but prefer being part of a family or paired with a special person or friend. In return for loving care, they can be the most ardent pets, even in a domesticated sense.

As I previously stated, I never thought I’d be one to recommend or even suggest adopting a donkey, but after hearing about all of the hard work that goes into helping the ones in need, I cannot help but change my tune. If I had a way, I would help.

It seems that if I get this feeling, that there are probably lots of other people out there who feel similarly. And the best part is that helping out this animal will reap great rewards for the ones who choose to do so. Donkeys live for a long time and will repay generosity with undying loyalty and entertaining companionship.


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