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Find Your Inspiration

Finding your inspiration is important in this life especially in a time of year when it can be very cold and dreary.  Ireland typically sees very cold days in February and not much sunlight which is very similar to where I live.  There are many people who escape to tropical locations to avoid temperature lows, absence of sunlight and increase in cloud coverage during the cold winter months.  However, for the rest of the planet, what is there for us to do but master some sort of inspiration.  Escape is usually not a practical solution for many people.

We can often find inspiration in the things we do, the people we chose to spend time with and alas in the things that we wear.  People have chosen symbolism in the things that they have worn since the beginning of time and the motivation behind what the items mean can vary greatly not just meant to inspire the wearer.

ShanOre Celtic and Irish jewelry is and can be seen as very inspirational if you pick the right item in mind at the right time.  For example, the Silver Circle Stone Set Celtic Pendant is a very strong silver pendant that could be given to someone in need of encouragement or going through a difficult time.  When I look at this pendant, the design appears to personify strength and I would feel proud to give it to someone in need of that quality.










Another option could be the Celtic Silver Double Plate Cross.  This pendant might be a good gift to give to someone trying something new for the first time.  Maybe someone is about to embark on a journey of some kind or about to go through a big transition.  The cross in the pendant could be seen as protection of where the person is now in life and also enstilling some sort of courage to allow them to step through the doors of wherever it may be that they are about to venture off to.  The step could be a minor one or a major one for them.


Be sure to peruse through all of the pendants and other jewelry items to see if maybe you can find something that personally gives you a feeling of inspiration and then make it your own.  It is important during this time of the year when things tend to look bleak in the outside world, that we find an encouraging source of strength to carry on to a greater purpose.



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