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Finding the Perfect Jewelry to Wear with Aran Knits

That chill in the air means it is just about Aran sweater time.  The leaves and the rain are falling, and while it can be quite pretty to look at, it can also be cold and damp.  And there is always something a bit sad about putting away the summer clothes.  The one thing that can cheer a girl up on a bleak, wet day is a cozy Aran knit sweater.  But does that mean it’s time to put away the pendants?  No, of course not.  It means it’s time to think about what styles go with chunky knitwear.  It’s easy to pair more delicate pieces of jewelry with smooth and sleek sweaters, but some necklaces can get lost against the background of a textured pullover and some can look cluttered.  What’s the secret to finding the precise pendant to not only hold its own but compliment your favorite chunky Aran knitwear?

Trinity Knot Pendant

Find a bold and beautiful Celtic design, of course.  A big, beautiful spiral will sit perfectly against an Aran knit and add to the look.  A singular trinity knot pendant will have the same stunning effect. The right St. Bridget’s cross will work with the complex texture of Aran knitting.   And of course, nothing is more fitting than a Claddagh design.  The Claddagh design has its roots in an ancient fishing village of the same name that is now part of Galway City, and Aran knitting is named for the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway.  Both designs evoke the rugged spirit of the west of Ireland, with its history of fishing and Currach boats.  You could say the Claddagh design and Aran knitting were made to go together.

Claddagh Earrings

You don’t have to wear a pendant with your Aran sweaters.  You can complete the Celtic look with other pieces, such as a ring or pair of earrings.  The Claddagh is the classic Irish ring design, but it is not the only option.  Rings featuring knot work also look great with a traditional Irish sweater.  Finding earrings to match your ring can really pull a look together.  Just like with the pendants, bigger designs look best with Aran sweaters or any other chunky, textured knitwear because they are on the right scale and provide balance to the overall look.

Aran knit sweaters are very versatile, and the right accessories can dress them up or down.  Jewelry completes and compliments any outfit, and when you bundle up against the chill of autumn and winter in a big, cozy sweater, whether it is an Aran knit or another design altogether, big and beautiful Celtic design jewelry will give you the perfect look.


  1. This is a triquetra, an ancient Pagan triple Goddess symbol made from 3 yoni shapes. Maiden, mother, and crone. Represents the trifold nature of the universe and the eternal ongoing life through the cycles of the year and rebirth.

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