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Remembrance for the Little Sisters

Remember the phrase “you only appreciate what you had, when it is gone?” For the little sisters out there, be grateful for them while you still can.

Having a little sister, a young niece or an itty-bitty cousin is a blessing. Little children are darlings as everything they wear looks great on them, even with food stains beaming and them with no idea that their outfit is on lopsided. Kids are cute, really cute.
593But, they also grow really, really fast. Before you know it, that little cousin of your has grown up into elementary school, then she is graduating from high school. Many times we remember them from when they were little and the way they wore their hair or said spaghetti sauce.

Today, they can pronounce their words fairly well, now that they are adults. This is the thing about children and the little misses out there; time is fleeting and unless you appreciate that angel when they are young and precious, you will lose that memory quickly and possibly the person attached to it.

I’m really not sure how to explain it.623 I know some people get caught up with their lives and the business that they have to do. Like the classic song “Cats in the Cradle,” it speaks of a father who was forever too busy to spend time with his son only to have his son grow up into a man and needless to say, he had grown up like just his dad. Now that the son was an adult with his own family, the father finally wants to sit down and spend time with him and well, now the son is too busy to hang out with his dad.

It’s a sad song. The dad mentions missing milestone after milestone of his young son’s life. I know this life. I see little children reach milestones every day and while their parents are at work. It is hard, because I know they most likely wish they could be there to see it. I feel fortunate that I do get to see alot of it though and more times than not, if it’s a child very first something, I opt to not mention it to the parent. I’d rather not spoil their splendor.

That’s part of appreciating these little life events along with these little people. Appreciate them now; incorporate them into your life. Make them a part of of your routine and that can never be lost.

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