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Fridays in Dublin

It’s TGIF time! Meaning: it’s Friday! What will you be doing or where will you be found in Dublin?

It’s Friday! This is the time of the week where we all celebrate after having made it through one more, long work week. After a successful completion of all of your tasks, you most likely will have a paycheck in hand and two days to look forward to spending on your own time doing whatever makes you feel best.

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Get a view from inside Guinness Storehouse’s Gravity Bar. You don’t need to enjoy a pint to relish at the ambiance from high above Dublin.

If you live in Dublin or even if you don’t, it’s good to get yourself acquainted with some of the highlights for a day. If you are lucky, you’ll have some nice sunlight and weather or you may just have the night out. If you are fortunate enough to have some daylight hours to burn up, you have your pick of activities. A word to the wise is that you will want to capture that day when you can and the spoils will be well worth it in the afterglow.

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Walking tours in Dublin on a Friday is a great way to enjoy the city. Photo credit: morgueFile

Dublin, like most historic cities, offers tours specifically designed to address old landmarks and places worthy of intellectual discussion. There are choices out there, one of which is Historical Walking Tours of Dublin. This is a great way to get your exercise and your history all in one. This tour is usually about two hours in length which will nicely fit into your free afternoon.

You can also do a self-guided tour. Irish Tourist has a few recommendations for you if you want to take it solo. It’s definitely worth looking into if you want to do something fun and educational at the same time. And even if you live in Dublin, it doesn’t hurt to take a tour as you might even learn something new right near your home.

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These gardens were recently rated third in the world by National Geographic.

There are many places that rise to the level of a place where you will want to invest your time. Powerscourt Estate is one of the most prominent places to visit while in Ireland. This estate includes a beautiful home that has existed on 47 acres for over nine centuries. Fires and tragedy have tried their best to take over this relic, but today it still remains after a recent renewal and looks amazing. Recently, the gardens of Powerscourt were rated as third in the world by the National Geographic Society.

Whatever you do, don’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy a free Friday in Dublin. There are endless possibilities awaiting for you!

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