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Fridays With Enya

Enya, in case you reside underneath a carraigeach, is the very well-known and respected singer and instrumentalist from Ireland.

Most of us have heard of “Orinoco Flow,” but maybe an unfortunate few do not know who is performing it. If you aren’t sure, take a moment and watch this video to bring the two together.

In case you missed it, she sings about various places in tandem that it’s hard to remember them all or better yet, decide which shore to escape to if given the option. Tripoli, Bali, Fiji, and Peru are all mentioned in this song.  Whichever your preference, Enya definitely makes them all sound like utopias.

She does not live in any of these exotic places. However, her residence is a large, gray castle just outside of Dublin. It is easy though, to suspect that she lives inside of a shell on the seashore and comes out only to sing angelic hymns. Since this isn’t the case, It definitely is cause to wonder, “what is life like for Enya?”

She certainly has the means to sail away to the shores of Tripoli or liberate herself to the Coral Sea. Instead, she likes Ireland, the place where she was born. County Donegal was, in fact, where she entered into this world to a very heavy influence of Irish and Celtic cultures.

Today her castle, which she has renamed Manderley Castle is near the sea, so I envision that the waves might invite her to chant, create or sing.  Perhaps, she retreats there to draw upon their charm.  Since many of her songs are about the allure of the seas, her living next to one seems like a logical choice.

Her upbringing was so influential that she sings it. Enya’s songs and style are hypnotic, almost religiously devoted to some greater power. In fact, they sound so sublime that it is hard not to imagine her life as one to idolize. But, I question that although she creates godlike music and resides in a castle, that she still has many normal, everyday tendencies. At least, that is what I envision what life is like for Enya.  Perchance, it is equal parts of nirvana balanced with authenticity.

She may keep inspiring us to, “carry on to the waves to the lands we’ve never been to,” for years to come. But while she does, she probably relaxes and enjoys snippets of life in Killiney. Maybe her days outside of her castle are spent buying lattes or coffees at Cafe de le Gare or grabbing a bite at Pizza Republic. But, who are we kidding? This is Enya we are talking about. Whenever she has a craving, she probably has them deliver.





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