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Gifting a Tree for “Under the Tree”

Interested in an original idea for the holidays that requires the help of a tree? Check this out!

The Celtic tree of life necklace would make an exciting tree ornament/gift.

Creativity is abound during the holidays that even the most unspirited seeming individuals will go to town by decorating their homes, trees and businesses. I think it is fair to say that there is something about the holidays that brings out the “arr-teest” in all of us. How do we know this?

Well, one look around your neighborhood, churches and shopping malls will give you a clear indicator that Christmas is near. Décor is probably just as equally as time consuming and pricey as shopping for actual gifts! This is ok though because celebrating a significant holiday like Christmas oftentimes means going out in inspired abundance.

As things like evergreen trees and their decorations constantly evolve, I thought of what a great idea it would be to give someone a tree on their Christmas tree. No, I don’t mean putting an actual living tree on top of the already big and ornate fir in the center of your living room.

What I mean is that a special way to gift someone near and dear to you is to hang a smaller, metallic tree on your lush, green tree. How do you do this?



The tree of life pendant is ideal for this undertaking.

First, start with a pleasing piece of jewelry like this “Tree of Life” pendant. It is composed of sterling silver and contains multiple stones in the leaves of it’s treetop.

If you buy this necklace for your friend or significant other, then you will want to keep it tucked away in a safe, secret spot. Wait until the night before you open your presents under the tree. Simply take a small piece of cardboard and write the name of the person you are giving the ornament to. You can dress it up in any way that you’d like. Then poke a hole through it with a hole punch and insert a pretty ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a knot and hang the pendant on the tree. Your loved one will have never seen it coming!

What is so lovely about doing something like this is that it is unexpected, fun and really meaningful. And you can use virtually any item of jewelry that has a symbol of a tree or even a clover will work. I am willing to bet that if you do this for that special someone this year, they will never forget it and will always be reminded of how much effort you put into their present every time they look down at it.

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