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The Unspoken Conflict; Naming Your Baby

Should giving your baby a name be so hard? It seems that it is something worth heavy consideration.

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Picture this: A baby comes along into your happy, home life. Your family experiences joy, relief and even a new-found sense of accomplishment. You, as the parent, have been waiting for this moment for a long, nine months so much that the last thing you considered laborious would be choosing it’s name. Many new mothers and fathers are simply stumped when it comes to finding a proper, baby name. Not to mention that people have different opinions and expectations on how to name their children. Are there repercussions to not thinking this through?

Take it from me; someone who knows. My mother really wanted a boy before I emerged from her womb. Alas, I popped out and I was in fact, a girl. I imagine that had I been a boy, that the name Christopher would have suited me beautifully. That was the name my parents had picked. However, rather than deviate from their plan, they merely adjusted the name to Chris, in order to suit a female.

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Seems innocent enough and maybe they thought it would work. Well, fast forward about seven years to the second grade. I was informed by a presumptuous, male classmate that my name was a boy’s name. Me being only seven or so, I was mortified. I glanced at the bulletin board next to me and looked at the numbers that lined it. Numbers one through ten were each individually depicted on a cloud in the sky. Just then, something caught my eye. I saw the number nine and I realized I could take the i, n and e from it and add it to the back of my name. At this, I proudly went home and made my announcement.

I adjusted my name and I assume most parents do not think their children will ever have to do this on their own. I would have liked not to have, but second grade torture is something most children will do anything to avoid. Therefore, naming your baby after the most popular name of current times or one that could be confused with something abasing is something to really consider before making it official. The Central Statistics Office of Ireland is one place to visit as it will tell you just how many babies there are on file with a name that you admire. You can also revisit names of the past and learn a thing or two.

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Adults know that names are incredibly significant for our children. Will the name sound strong? Will it be the source of teasing? We want to equip our babies with a name that will be a source of pride for them and for us. I certainly can relate. I was a second child behind a girl. My parents really wanted a boy and I not only had to take a more masculine name, but also more male-ish treatment based on what they had wanted.

Am I mad about it? No, of course not. However, I appreciate the fact that picking a baby’s name needs to be based on what is really important. That is, what is best for your child. You want to provide them with a name that is unshakable; one that they will hopefully never have to retract.

If you are Irish and want your child to carry part of that history with them throughout their lives, then investigate Irish names with scrutiny. Also, know that what makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow.  It is painstaking and reflective to pick out a great name, I know, but once you find the right one, it will likely stick. Trust me, your kids will probably thank you greatly for it.


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