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Giving an Estate a Particular Ring

Estates have their special idiosyncratic that align with those in ownership. What are some of the characteristics that you think should stand out?

Near the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is County Monaghan. Many visitors who enter the country come via Dublin and County Monaghan is only about an hour and a half drive from there. One very interesting, famous and a bit nostalgic place resides in this county. The Castle Leslie calls this place home and it has a history that is rich, as well as, it’s a place that is well worth a visit.

A beautiful ring like this one can often be a symbol, an heirloom, of what your family means to you.

It is after all, part of an estate. This home is an extension of Clan Leslie which is a lower, Scottish clan. Clans were at one time a way that people bonded together not only out a familial need, but also as a means of protection. Some cool things came from them that we see and admire today like coat of arms, patterns and history like the Castle Leslie. Also, from these clans came things like estates.

It became important, for obvious reasons,444 that things that took so much time and effort ought to stay in the hands of those related by blood. It makes sense to me. If I worked tirelessly to buy a piece of land in order to construct a beautiful castle, I would want to save it for the future generations of my family.

This castle personifies 1000 years of the family Leslie’s history. It has underwent alot of work in the recent years in order to have it looking as nice as it once did. Theirs is much pride after an endeavor such as this. That is not that hard to discern.

The Castle Leslie is open to the public, if you reserve one of the rooms. They even offer opportunities to purchase parts of the land for those who are in the market. Even so, after you take off the word “estate” there is a solid hint of humanity and genuineness when reading about this particular family. In fact, the current family representative summed up the feelings best as follows.

“Our family’s ethos has always been one of creativity and curiosity, openness and sharing, of innovation and entrepreneurship, of sensitivity and working with, of involvement and teamwork.

With 1000 years of Leslie family history recorded, it is my great honor to be the one tasked with bringing a unique and important part of Ireland’s living heritage through to the future.

Following on from our distant Iroquois descendant, we strongly believe that we inherit nothing form our parents, we just borrow it from future generations.”

It is pleasing to read such a statement that rather than determining a worth of an object based on the past of those who tooled for it, rather it exalts future generations in such an optimistic way. It sounds unselfish and giving which are two words that I believe should always be synonymous with family.

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