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Golden Ideas for Springtime

Whether you are looking in the sky for a rainbow or glancing over an outfit to notice the ornaments that adorn it, the common link is gold. The gold pot at the end of the rainbow is an Irish folk legend and since spring time is the time of year where the rain starts to fall more abundantly we will therefore start to see more rainbows. This is what we see outside, so when it comes to our closets it would seem sensible that gold would come to our clothing repertoires as well.

Gold is popping up in clothing lines more and more often these days. However, if one were to think of gold in an outfit the first go-to item in the past would have been a piece of jewelry. Is it too much to pair gold jewelry with these new styles of gold clothing? Not necessarily. Some of our great gold pieces would look perfect with a black outfit, a denim dress or even a perfectly white ensemble. The best thing about gold is that it tends to go with everything, even more gold.

The 10 Karat Gold Shamrock Earrings are a perfect statement earring to wear. They are fourteen karat gold and have the shape of shamrock clovers with cute little heart-like shapes. These earrings are very light hearted and inspire a happy and lively attitude. I imagine a carefree wearer sailing on a boat having a good time laughing with her friends, perhaps celebrating a good memory in a pretty sundress and jacket that signify the season and the time of year. Ultimately, the last detail of this earring is that they epitomize someone who loves Irish heritage.

Gold 10K Shamrock Filigree Earrings 10E638

Another amazing selection for the springtime gold fanatics are the 10 Karat Celtic Earrings. These earrings are great for those who like intellect as well as detail. They are somewhat like a maze. It is impossible to find the beginning or the end, but you can sit and look at the person wearing them and stare in wonder trying to figure it out! They are interwoven earrings with upper and lower layers and will fascinate and delight those who wear them with their trickiness. Much like the person who chooses a pair of gold earrings like these, they are probably more complex than they appear, but interesting nonetheless.

10K Gold Celtic Design Earrings 10E662

We have plenty of choice gold selections for your springtime gear here at ShanOre to compete with the latest styles and clothes including gold colored clothing. It may not be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but it will dazzle and sparkle just the same. Whichever earrings you select will say much about your personality without you knowing it so people around can get to know you better without saying much at all as you enjoy the springtime weather and activities with your friends and family all around you.

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