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Grab a Symbol of Fall Foliage

Ever consider what to wear in support of leaf peeping? We have a few pieces that fit the part.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

Fall is here and it is a very transformative time to be alive. After the heat and bright lights of summer, the earth takes a notable slow down. This means cool breezes fill once steamy sensations felt in warmer months. Our views from home windows cast different depictions. Instead of outdoor activity that screams of excitement and adventure, we are now confronted with darker hues in the sky and plant life that significantly dulls previous activities. It is as if every piece of life around us is sighing and admitting to wanting to take things down a notch.

Instead of just watching trees, you can wear them too!

This is perfectly fine by me as I see all kinds. There are some people who remain hopelessly clinging to that last warm day before it gets frightfully colder. “I understand,” I think to myself. I miss that too. It is as if getting prepared for fall is equivalent to taking one last gulp of air before transcending down into a body of deep water. We know when we pop our heads back up that it will look and even feel much different.

Perhaps, you’ll prefer your pair with trinity knots.

Autumn time signifies a change. It is a precursor to winter which typically boasts no other color except for an abundance of white. And the saying “too much of a good thing” couldn’t be truer when facing a season of snow.

This is why I believe that autumn is a remarkable season to embrace and celebrate. The most common activity that I know of is the viewing of fall foliage. There is no other time of year when gardens and forests burst with so many different hues. It is quite intoxicating to see a tree with bright red leaves and then see it’s partner right beside it  showing a contrast of bright yellow or green.

Check out our tree of life trinity pendent. It is made of sterling silver with gold and stone detailing.

It is an automatic response for us to “get ready” since cold is on it’s way. We take this time to settle into our homes, stock up on firewood and bake goodies that fill our abodes with rich scents. Candles and comforters provide the warmth we need on the inside while viewing such an elaborate change on the outside.

I live in New England where our foliage is famous. On a recent drive up north, I completely understood why. I wanted to pull over every few minutes just to pause and appreciate for I knew what I was viewing was precious and fleeting. That being said, Ireland is the one place I would spend a fall season enjoying the turning of colors and preparing for the breath of winter. If you need proof, check out these amazing photos. This says a lot since I live in the epitome of fall transformation. Considering it is a less expensive time to travel is an added plus.

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