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Great Last Minute Gifts

If you are still searching for a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for someone you love this holiday season, then search no further. We all know what it is like to start off the shopping season with such lofty aspirations of finding the perfect gifts for those on our lists, however as the names on our lists dwindle down to just a remaining few we still may find that we don’t know what to get those that stay on our shopping detail.

So, here we try to make things easy for the holidays especially when shopping for many people with good taste and those you want to impress with your high standards. The great news there is that those two things don’t mean that you have to spend an exorbitant amount of time or finances on the gift.

Everything at ShanOre is made with high quality and is in good taste, however for last minute gift ideas, I would want to try and pick items that would make sense for many purposes and also were unique as gifts. So for starters I really recommend the Celtic Flower Double Disc Pendant. This classic pendant is all things Irish, but with an added twist of being on a double disced pendant. The gold and diamonds add the perfect elements of what many people want in ideal seasonal gifts, but without going to the excess. In this way, you get all of the “oohhs and aaahhss” without all of the trouble and worry.


Another classy recommendation for the season is the Claddagh Silver Emerald Diamond Pendant. This pendant is white gold as opposed to the previous selection, however it has a hint of gold in the center ring with the Trinity Knot. Why I really feel enthusiastic about this piece is because it combines many elements into one which again means that many different people will appreciate it’s beauty and appeal so you really cannot go wrong with this purchase. With emeralds, diamonds, two forms of gold and a master of creativity this pendant will captivate so many hearts especially with it’s traditional appeal. It also has a matching set of earrings for an extra gift seen here, Claddagh Silver Emerald Diamond Earrings.

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Lastly, we all have the newcomer to a family gathering and we are never really sure whether or not to get them a gift or not or we find out just at the last minute that someone’s new girlfriend is coming to the holidays. It is never a good feeling to be left out of the gift giving process, but you also don’t want to run back out to the store either. Here is a simple, classic and timeless piece that is guaranteed to be appreciated for that special someone who gets that last minute invite with Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings for both the gift giver and the receiver.

Whatever your last minute gift needs are this holiday season, be sure to check out these ideas and utilize these suggestions to be sure that your festivities are a successful one. Happy Holidays!


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