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Happy New Year & Irish

Some people have the luxury of traveling during off season times. The off-season in Ireland is from late September until early springtime. Springtime in Ireland is when the skies become bluer and the trees look a little bit greener.

But, for those looking to venture into Irish terrain during the off times, you will still have advantages that the on seasoners don’t have.

First of all, you may find much more reasonable accommodations during the off season. Places that you might like to stay in during the summer may have more availability and the prices are usually down. It is also apt to be far less crowded in the off times. Downside is that the places you will most want to visit will usually have restricted hours or possibly not even be open. So it is wise to plan in advance and find out where you would like to visit and what options are available in the off times.

Perhaps someone celebrating a January birthday will enjoy a short trip or vacation to Ireland in the month that they were born. For the woman who loves Celtic things and Ireland, this pendant is a perfect gift that says “I love you” and also respects their interest in Celtic pieces. The January Celtic Birthstone Pendant is a very original piece pairing four intricate ovals with the January birthstone. The red birthstone sits in the center of the ovals and is heartshaped. Each oval has a few sparkling gems right in the curve of the rings which highlight the delicacy of this ornament.

Claddagh Birthstone January Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal Sw101G

There are many attractions that are open and popular during the slow season. If you like a smaller crowd and you want to admire being the only person at a tourist attraction, then traveling to Ireland in January is ideal for that. There are some great itineraries to capitalize on. After all, you want to make the most of your journey.

Aillwee Cave is a great place to visit in January. If you are interested in historical sites that are different and a bit scientific, then you will like Aillwee Cave. The cave is considered the oldest in Ireland. It was thought to have been created by the last bears that lived in the republic. It was discovered in the early 1900’s by a farmer who was chasing after his dog. The man decided not to tell anyone about it for nearly three decades, but eventually he admitted that he had discovered this rare place.

Professionals were allowed to come in and explore the caves and get data on how old it was and what it had been used for. Eventually, the caves were made safe to where they could be opened for the public. Here is a link that gives added information on the caves.

If you decide to take a trip during the winter months to Ireland, there are many ways to make it worth your time while also saving a dime.

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