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Hear Ye Hear Ye! Come See What is Brewing!

Think back to your course studies in high school or college and you more than likely had a class in chemistry.  One of the first things we learn in that class is all about the periodic table. We learn what the different elements are and where they fall on the grid, as well as, what their abbreviations are.

For the people in Dublin, and most specifically the Dublin Science Gallery, they once created an exhibit that featured all of the elements. To be more precise, the event showcased the beauty of the elements. In this way, the gallery tried to change chemistry into an art form.

I realize understanding this subject can be a challenge. In this way the Science Gallery has really done a service for the public by helping to explain something that is already rather complicated.

The video above gives an overview of the exhibit that took place in 2011, ie. the year of chemistry. The art forms varied from a table made in braille to a giant periodic table made from individual stove-top heating elements. It was really quite impressive and did make chemistry appear to be more beautiful than what one might assume of the subject.

I thought the most interesting part of the exhibit was the element section made from hollowed out cubicles. It implored the public to go home or look around and find things from everyday life that consisted of that element. One patron left an X-ray that was placed in the bin for titanium. Apparently, the image had titanium stints that appeared through the image of bone and matter.

One display showed a table made of heating elements like this one below.

It seems that this exhibit was quite inspiring to get youngsters and adults alike involved in a subject that can appear beastly or scary.

Currently, the gallery is featuring an event on post-file4021271475507 (1)domestic bliss, called Home\Sick. This event will continue only for a few more remaining weeks in July. The content being covered is one of great value and worth. The aim is to understand and investigate the way we live in our homes today in this digital age and how we have found alternate routes around what used to be a way of life.

In the end, the most important question asked is whether our home lives have changed for better or for worse. I think the only way to truly answer that is to attend the gallery and answer that question for yourself. Then please, feel free to let me know by posting a comment below. Here’s to learning and loving science in Ireland!




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