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Have a Heart a la Carte

It’s not like you can avoid seeing hearts everywhere this week, so you might as well enjoy them! Of course, the famous and widely loved Irish heart design is the Claddagh, named for what was once a tiny fishing village but is now part of Galway city. Even the story of its design is romantic. Richard Joyce was captured by pirates and sold into servitude to a goldsmith. He developed the famous symbol of the heart held in two hands with a crown, and when he regained his freedom, he returned to Galway and wed his faithful sweetheart.

Although this design with its rich symbolism is popular for wedding and engagement rings, as well as beloved by singletons, it is not the only expression of love featuring an Irish design. Other Irish designs also symbolize love, either for someone special or for all things Irish, depending on the wearer’s intention. From a simple heart a la carte – without crown or hands – to complex knot work designs, Irish jewelry has as many ways to express love as Irish people do to describe rain.
Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant Adorned With A Crystal Td242Hearts are an obvious and traditional symbol of love, and when another symbol is included in the design, they go from ordinary to eye-catching. From simple and elegant to stunning and elaborate, a heart with a bit of knot work or other Irish symbol says more. For example, the dash of sparkle on the silver Love Heart Trinity pendant is so much richer than a simple heart. This versatile piece can go from the office to a nice dinner out and add elegance to any outfit.
14K Gold Shamrock Pendant Encrusted With Diamonds 14P668

For more formal night out from weddings to charity balls, the gorgeous 10 karat gold Shamrock Diamond Set pendant cannot be rivaled. The sparkling heart is pave set with diamonds and encircles a beautiful gold shamrock. Nothing could be more perfect for a dressy St. Patrick’s Day event.

But what about something more everyday? Something that works with jeans? The Celtic design on the sterling silver enamel heart pendant from Tara’s Diary looks great seven days a week and comes in green, blue and white.

But hearts are not necessary to symbolize eternal love. Another famous Irish design is knot work. From ancient times to the present, the complex interwoven lines have proved to be compelling to the eye. We can’t help but visually trace the lines and realize they are unbroken; they do not start or end. They can represent infinity or eternity, and they are also a beautiful way to express eternal, undying love. The trinity knot is widely known and has many different interpretations, mostly spiritual. It is not, however, the only knot out there. Not all knots have names, but they do have beauty. Add a bit of sparkle and you have something close to magic, such as the Celtic Stone Set Silver Design pendant.

Whether you want to express eternal adoration of your beloved or love and pride in your Irish heritage, you can find the right design to dress up any outfit.


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