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Stage 2: Assembly phase of Trinity Knot Celtic Engagement ring

Following on from last week, this next phase of assembling a beautiful Trinity Knot Celtic engagement ring is carried out by one of our Goldsmiths.

Watch as one of Shanore’s skilled goldsmiths solders the Trinity Knot shoulders onto the band of a Celtic engagement ring. A master mould is then created.

Once the engagement ring has been designed, a master model is created by the designer and then each component is cast using a rubber mould. Before the components are returned to the Goldsmith, they are sent to Dublin’s Assay Office to test the gold. Here they are given their hallmark.

The castings are then sent to the Goldsmith to assemble. For this Celtic engagement ring, there are three pieces, the centre mount, the shank and the Trinity Knot shoulders. Colin, our goldsmith, starts by soldering the centre mount on the shank. He finishes by soldering on the Trinity Knot shoulders. To remove the stains created by the soldering, the ring is placed in pickling compound. It is then given to the polisher.

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Next time, we’ll see as the master craftsman setting the diamond on our Trinity Knot Celtic engagement ring.

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