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Honeymoon in Ireland with Heritage and History

emerald engagementNot everyone dreams of spending their honeymoon on a tropical beach.  Some of us find a very different sort of island more romantic.  We’d rather stroll cobbled streets hand in hand and curl up together in front of a roaring fire than risk sun stroke or a heat rash.

A frothy head on a pint of stout is more our style than a paper umbrella on a fruity cocktail.  And if we have to wait in a long line to reach a local attraction, at least a herd of sheep crossing the road is more scenic than a million other tourists.  Are you dreaming of a honeymoon in Ireland?  Maybe some of these romantic gems would be perfect for your itinerary.


  • Aran Islands – Do you really want to get away from it all for your honeymoon in Ireland? Then you might fall in love with one of the Aran Islands.  Accessible by boat from Galway, the islands of Inishsheer, Inishmaan and Inis Mor are home to precisely zero hustle and bustle.  You’ll get a different perspective on the Cliffs of Moher as you stroll along the sea hand in hand.
  • burren-1576499_1280Doolin and The Burren – Are you more the social type? You could spend your days exploring natural wonders such as the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher and Ailwee Caves.  In the evenings, you can enjoy what is arguably the best trad music scene in Ireland.  Don’t miss the ancient dolman on the Burren.
  • clonmacnoise-1568680_1920Clonmacnoise and the Midlands – The heart of Ireland is often overlooked by tourists. Clonmacnoise is the glittering gem in the crown, but from Athlone or Mullingar, you can explore much more. Uisneach, the center of the island, is privately owned but opened regularly for tours. Belvedere House offers tranquil trails around the lake and a glimpse into how jealousy destroyed one privileged family. The ruins of Fore Abbey are said to feature seven wonders.
  • Derry City and Giant’s Causeway – Derry is famous for its political murals, but this compact ancient city is really a lover, not a fighter, these days. It is the only city in Ireland with a completely intact wall surrounding it.  You can stroll take a romantic stroll along the ramparts, check out the stunning neo-Gothic Guildhall and see the Peace Bridge.  But above all, don’t miss the nearby Giant’s Causeway. giants-causeway-539855_1920

claddagh weddingA honeymoon in Ireland can take in ancient ruins and modern nightlife and everything in between.  You can stay in a big city such as Dublin, Cork, Galway or Belfast and take day trips out to explore nature and history in the countryside.  Or you can split your time between urban and rural locations.  Choose a luxury hotel, make yourself at home in a rustic bed and breakfast, or go glamping.  Whether you stick to the most popular highlights such as the Ring of Kerry and Newgrange or wander off the tourist trail to explore spots visitors rarely find, you’ll discover the ancient and the cutting-edge side by side.  Exploring your heritage is a perfect way to start your new life.

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