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How to Give your Kids Ireland in a Nutshell

What is the best way to show your love for Ireland to your youngsters? Read on for more.

Something like this clover necklace is both beautiful and full of meaning.

Young children are open and vulnerable. When they are born into a family, they know and learn about the things that matter the most from those around them. If your family has a strong Irish heritage, believe it or not, your children will pick up on it. They will learn to associate the things your family does together as normal or natural which is why it is imperative to make the lessons you lend to them very positive and enduring.

Most girls love pink polka dots. They’ll be surprised to learn that this is actually a triquetra as well.

If for example, your family has a big celebration every St. Patrick’s day, your children and little ones will learn that St. Patrick’s day is a very special day. They will even assume that every family does the same things. It is often not until these youngsters become adults when they realize that all families are different. They will notice that not ever family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day or eats bacon with cabbage. This is not a bad thing, rather something that sets them apart from others.

It is true that others will judge them for their differences and this can be really hard on kids. However, as a parent, guardian or relative that they look up to, you have the power to entrust them with confidence and assertion. The ways in which you can do this is to set an example for them to follow. This trick can be accomplished easier than you might think.

Purses are wonderful symbols and this necklace is a great place to start for your young daughter.

Gifts that you give to them can be deeply rooted in Irish culture. Most often they will not willingly want to sit down with you in order to hear you regale stories of your youth. However, handing them something that is both important and meaningful to your heritage might open them up.

When you hand them this gift or send it to them, include a small handwritten note explaining what you thought of Irish symbols when you were young. Tell them how getting gifts when you were younger helped you to understand things. It is important that you don’t try to force anything on a young mind as they will most likely resist and walk away. That is the worst thing that you can do if passing down your heritage is important. Instead, open the door to what your roots are and what they mean to you. Chances are that your little ones will want to learn and hear more about it. And the simplest way to do that is to start with a gift.

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