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How to Make Time for Christmas Reflection

Don’t know what to do after the presents are opened and the big day is over? Here are a few suggestions.

The build up to Christmas is kind of a big deal. We used to start up right after Thanksgiving, but even recently, that hasn’t been considered enough time to get ready for Christmas, especially by retailers. This is fine, it just gives us more time to shop and less of a need to hurry. But sometimes, we can fundamentally falter when we get so excited about something like Christmas, that once it comes, we literally don’t know what to do with ourselves once it’s over.

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Have you ever felt this way? I know that I have. The suggestion I have is one that has always helped me when I needed it. The word mindfulness comes in swooping like an eagle. And it is not a feeling or state of mind that you want to reserve for only the right time. Rather, it is something that you need to constantly practice if you are ever to get any good at it.

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Mindfulness is especially important during the holidays or any special events like weddings and birthdays. If you don’t practice it, you run the risk of the season or holiday completely passing you by. When others are talking about what they did, you might only remember the stress that was caused. Why is that?

We might readily remember the long lines at the stores, the difficulty finding good service or the god-awful traffic that seems to come along with the territory. But in all genuineness, those are the times when we need to be most mindful. For example, if ever trapped in your car, try listening to some authentic, Christmas songs.

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We really don’t need or should want to bond over the inconveniences that come with life. We should want and need to bond over the magic that the holidays bring us. Most of all, we need to celebrate the goodness that comes out in most everyone this time of year. We should practice being kinder to strangers or doing at least one good deed a day. That helps one to stay mindful. Why? Well, because it builds up your character. It is rather easier to go out a buy a gift for someone and have it wrapped, then it is to volunteer your time or to practice a random act of kindness.

It may seem like something so simple and maybe it all really is. It gives you the chance to enjoy your holiday a little bit more and to appreciate why we even celebrate it in the first place.

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