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How to Wear a Claddagh Ring?

Discover how to wear a Claddagh ring and the different meanings attached to each of them

Originally posted on Jul 16, 2021

Since its creation in the 17th century, the Claddagh design has been one of the most romantic Irish symbols. Because it symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship, the Claddagh Ring is often the preferred option for couples wanting to seal their relationship.

The meaning of the Claddagh is in its tree elements: two hands holding a crowned heart. The heart represents love, the crown loyalty, and the hands represent friendship. However, how a person wears a Claddagh ring communicates their relationship status.

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You can wear a Claddagh ring in any way you want. But there are four common ways people in Ireland wear the ring, each with a different meaning.

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring Correctly?

When wearing a Claddagh Ring, you should consider two aspects: the hand on which you wear the ring and the position the tip bottom of the heart is facing.

Heart Pointing outwards

Claddagh heart tip pointing outwards

If you are single: wear the ring on your right-hand ring finger with the bottom tip of the heart facing outwards. It shows your heart is free for love.

If you are engaged: wear it on your left-hand ring finger with the bottom tip of the heart facing outwards. It shows that you are committed to another person.

Heart Pointing Towards You

Claddagh heart tip pointing towards you

If you’re in a relationship: wear it on your right-hand ring finger, the heart bottom tip facing inwards. It shows you found love.

If you are married: wear it on your left-hand ring finger with the bottom tip of the heart facing inwards. It shows the world that your heart truly belongs to another.

Ways to add more meaning to your Claddagh

As a birthday gift: a Claddagh Birthstone ring or Birthstone necklace can be the perfect birthday gift. The Claddagh talks about the love, loyalty, and friendship you both share. The birthstone adds a personal touch, making this piece of jewelry even more meaningful.

As an engagement or wedding band: a Claddagh engagement ring can be the perfect ring to depict the eternal journey you and your partner are about to embark on. This symbol represents your deep bond. In turn, the Claddagh engagement ring can also be a family heirloom that you can pass down the generations to come.

As a promise ring: The Claddagh is a promise to love, trust and devote unconditional friendship. A promise ring is perfect for couples who believe in the future of their relationship and intend to get married one day.

As a token of friendship: The Claddagh symbolizes eternal friendship and is a meaningful tribute to your best friend, who you love and cherish. This piece of jewelry will mark your bond.

The most beautiful Claddagh Rings

To sum it up

The Claddagh represents your bond with your loved one or even yourself. Worn on your left hand with the heart pointing out to represent you are sing, or worn on the right hand with the heart pointing to you to represent you found love, it is a beautiful way to display your love status.

As the Claddagh ring promise says: “With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love”. So, no matter how you style your Claddagh ring, it will always serve as a reminder of true love, loyalty, and friendship you share with your loved one!

What about you? What direction is your Claddagh Ring pointing right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Claddagh is arguably the most well-known symbol of friendship, love and loyalty there is. A young man from the Galway fishing village of Claddagh is the protagonist of this folktale. Sold into slavery, he for years dreamed of returning to his lover’s arms. During his servitude, the man fashioned a ring from the gold taken from his master: the first Claddagh ring. Upon escaping and returning home, he gifted it to his love, who awaited his return. It has become a symbol of Irish heritage since then.

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