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In Donegal It is Different

Taking a tour of a particular portion of Ireland is a commodity that many people can take advantage of.

Many flights arrive direct in Dublin and from there visitors have a choice to explore on their own or chance going to a county that has planned mini-excursions meant to cover some of the best aspects of that region.

County Donegal is one of these areas and has many sites worth viewing. Wedged into the northwestern tip of the republic, it shares a very minute border with another Irish County, but otherwise is a neighbor to Northern Ireland and the Atlantic. This has resulted in the Donegal people adopting a very specific lifestyle because they are so separated from the rest of Ireland. Their motto is “up here it’s different.”

And perhaps this is true. It would seem sensible that being accessible only through a small segment of land versus permeable by multiple entryways maintains Donegal’s independent character. In the U.S., Donegal could be similar to Alaska or Hawaii in that they are U.S. states, but separated by much distance or area. Because of this factoid, they are much harder to get to, but nonetheless, wonderful places once you find your way there.

One particularly nice landmark in Donegal are the Blue Stack Mountains. They may also be referred to as the Croaghgorms. These mountains are great avenues for hikers as they contain many different peaks. Irish Trails has information on the Bluestacks and hiking them.

Also, this video below from Discover Ireland gives you a great visual of County Donegal and what the hiking terrain looks like.

Making your way to the ocean in Donegal in no less impressive than the inner fixings of the county. Ireland is famous for having breathtaking cliffs that border the seas that surround it and Donegal has some of the most impressive.

Otherwise known as  Slieve League, this juxtaposed mountain clashes with the sea and the pristine Irish countryside. Walks go from even and soft to high and hazardous in some places. However, the views are well worth it!

Legendary pilgrimages took place in this region of Ireland so Slieve League is considered sacred land. It is a perfect learning opportunity and a chance to recreate the footsteps of monks from hundreds of years ago.

It may prove harder to get to County Donegal, but as you can see, the lessons and artifacts that can be obtained are profitable for those willing to extend themselves.


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