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Introducing our New Family Birthstone Pendants

Inspired by the eternal connection between a Mother and her Child

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to reflect on our mothers and motherhood in general.

Mothers teach us everything from table manners to self-confidence. In return, we give them Boundless joy at first smiles and first steps. Soaring pride at every accomplishment.

As children grow up, they naturally begin new adventures. Some go and live abroad, some marry or move houses. That is when memories and nostalgia replace the physical presence, making the bond stronger despite the distance. Visits and video chats are treasured moments.

Here at ShanOre, we see that in our day-to-day. Children who left their home country to live in Ireland. Irish moms who are so proud of their children studying in America. These distances inspired us to create a collection that keeps the connection between the mother and their child no matter where in the world they are.

Inspired by the eternal connection between a Mother and her Child

Our New Family Birthstone Pendants inspired by the eternal connection between a Mother and Child. Each pendant features the mother’s birthstone along with the birthstone of each of her children. They can also have a grandmother’s birthstone and those of her grandchildren.

Our collection also features two of the most meaningful Irish symbols. The traditional Claddagh and the ancient Celtic Tree of Life, both making this collection not only beautiful but also full of meaning and love. Each piece can be personalized.

The Claddagh Birthstone Family Pendant: Celebrating a Mother’s Love

Love, loyalty, and friendship sum up a healthy relationship between a mother and her children. As her children mature and grow into adulthood, a mother’s unconditional love merges into a beautiful friendship with them. And of course, her loyalty is boundless.


The Irish Claddagh motif with the heart, hands, and crown is a beautiful symbol of this special relationship. The heart represents love, the hand’s friendship, and the crown loyalty. ShanOre’s new Claddagh birthstone necklace is designed to showcase the love between a mother and her children. The mother’s birthstone is featured in the heart, and the birthstones of her children twinkle above it like stars in the sky.

Discover the meaning and origins of the Claddagh.

This is an ideal Mother’s Day gift for moms with a link to Ireland. This Claddagh birthstone pendant shines like the love, loyalty, and friendship mom has earned from her children.

This bespoke piece can feature from one to six children’s birthstones. It’s also the perfect gift for grandmothers!

The Family Tree Birthstone Necklace: Mothers Are Our Roots

The Tree of Life is an ancient Celtic symbol representing the full circle of life. The roots, the trunk, and the leaves symbolize the generations’ past, present, and future. The branches are separate, yet intertwined as they grow from their shared roots. It’s a beautiful way to represent your family tree.


Our family tree pendant blends the tree symbols – family tree and the tree of life – and adds sparkling birthstones to represent your family. The branches weave together into a classic Celtic knotwork design, and the dazzling birthstones add a splash of color.

Because the birthstones represent your family members, each family tree necklace is unique. It makes a delightful gift that any mom will cherish every day and wear often. Mothers are the roots of a family, and if your mother’s roots are Irish, she’s sure to love a personalized family tree necklace. It’s perfect for moms who love nature and the outdoors too.

Centuries ago, when Ireland’s landscape was forests instead of fields, the ancient Celts believed trees were sacred.

Different types of trees used to have different values and different spiritual elements. Tree of Life jewelry connects us to our most ancient Irish ancestors.

A Mother’s Day Gift to Treasure

These two new designs join ShanOre’s existing range of family silver pendants. The collection also features birthstones set in the crowned heart of the Claddagh motif with the classic hands at either end of the string of gems. A sparkling trinity knot or a shamrock sits between each birthstone gem.


Each design is different and appeals to different tastes. But each one represents how children shine in their mother’s eyes.

Children are a parent’s greatest treasure, and these stunning sterling silver birthstone family pendants will let your mom display a gorgeous gem for each child. They let her know that the feeling is mutual, and her children consider her both their shining star and their roots.

One of these family pendant necklaces will be an enduring gift. Every time she puts it on, not only will she feel beautiful, but she’ll also be reminded of her loving children or grandchildren. She can enjoy it for all the years to come.

We love this collection and loved creating it for you. Designing jewelry with meaning is what motivates and inspires us, and this collection is no different. We want it to be a part of your family story.

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What about you? What is your family story?

Slán go fóill

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