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Introducing ShanOre’s new Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry


​It’s been nine months since we set on a journey to create a new collection that would tell your Celtic Story in a way no other has.

This adventure has been both exciting and full of discovery. It gave us a chance to look closely into the feedback you gave us in the past year. It was also a moment to look into trends and imagine how they would resonate with you and our Celtic designs.

This exciting journey brought us to our beautiful Gold Vermeil collection. A range of jewelry featuring our most loved Celtic pieces. A collection dressed in a luxuriant coat of genuine 14k Gold at a price that puts a smile on your face.

Today, finally introducing it fills us with pride and excitement. More importantly, it makes us grateful to have had you with us all along the way.

Introducing ShanOre's Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry

Our new Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry Collection

You might be wondering, why so much excitement over Gold Vermeil? The answer is sweet and simple: Vermeil is gold at a price that won’t put a dent in your wallet. As we affectionately refer to it, each piece is an affordable luxury.

It gives gold lovers a chance to own a piece of jewelry that is both luxurious and affordable. While also giving people who are new to precious metal jewelry a chance to leap from silver to Gold in a more gentle way.

What is Gold Vermeil - ShanOre Irish Jewelry

ShanOre’s new Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry collection features our most popular designs, from the romantic Claddagh to the inspirational Trinity Knot. Thirty-eight pieces, showcasing the highest quality gold vermeil craftsmanship and featuring the highest quality 925 sterling silver base, dressed in a thick coat of 14k pure Gold.

Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry; An Affordable Luxury

Perfectly crafted Cubic Zirconias adds even more charm and luxury to the collection. Cubic Zirconias are the best thing next to precious stones, and it is affordable and environmentally friendly. In other words, it gives a luxurious touch to your jewel for less.

Another beautiful feature in some of the pieces is the magnificent malachite stone. The deep lush green of the malachite enhances the shiny color of the gold layer. This makes the jewelry piece vibrant and full of life. Altogether this collection is beautiful, full of sparkle and meaning.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry - Affordable Luxury

The creative process and your input

January came along (the period to start planning new collections), we gathered our team to brainstorm ideas for new designs. Goldsmiths, designers, customer service, marketing, and managing directors all came together for one purpose: look into our customer’s preferences, feedback, and top trends.

Wind back to October last year, we were promoting some of our Gold Collection, and the feedback we got from our customers was that they loved the pieces, but unfortunately, some of them were not able to afford them.

That kept us thinking: what can we do to offer them the same Beautiful and quality pieces at a price they would be happy to pay? So, during our brainstorming meetings, we concluded that we already had all the pieces and designs our customers loved.

Celtic Jewelry Sketching process

In other words, we had jewelry for those who love silver, and we also had pieces for those who love solid gold jewelry. The only thing missing was a collection that could appeal to people who love Gold, but that cannot compromise on the price.

During one of our sessions, someone suggested that we create a gold-plated collection. However, plated jewelry does not fit into ShanOre’s quality standard. In other words, it offers lower quality than what we do. That is when gold vermeil came into our minds.

Gold vermeil is the perfect option. Firstly, because it is made primarily from our most popular base material: ShanOre .925 sterling silver. Secondly, it has a thick layer of 2.5 microns of pure 14k Gold. That means that our clients would get the same vibrant and beautiful look of our ShanOre Gold Jewelry for less.

Final Product - ShanOre Collection

Perfect! We now had the perfect base for our new products; quality, durable, and affordable gold jewelry. To add a finishing touch, we only needed to select our most loved pieces, add extra sparkle with beautiful CZs, and voilà, the perfect Celtic collection was born.

A collection made with you in mind

Creating and launching a new collection is an exciting moment for us. We put efforts to work with one thing in mind: offer you the best quality products and products that fit best with your lifestyle.

It is a moment that we make you part of our family and team. During the whole journey and process, you had the chief chair in our meeting room. You are the one who gives the best and most important input, and more importantly, you are the one who makes the decision.

That is how our new Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry came to life. We truly hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed making it for you, and we hope that this collection tells another chapter of your story.

With love from the ShanOre Family

Gold Vermeil Celtic Jewelry - New ShanOre Collection

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