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Introducing ShanOre’s New Malachite Jewelry Collection


We are proud to present our new line of malachite jewelry. This stunning gemstone features an array of different deep, rich shades of green in concentric circles. Every piece is unique. And in Irish jewelry, it evokes aerial views of Ireland with fields and woods in different greens

This delightful gem gives our line of Celtic jewelry a new twist. Between its lush, varied hues, and intriguing spiritual qualities, it offers a lot to those who wear it. This collection presents you with a new way to enjoy and embrace your Celtic story.

Featuring inspiring words and traditional Celtic and Irish designs such as the Tree of Life, Celtic Cross, and the Claddagh, our new collection makes a powerful statement about transformation, protection, and growth.

But before diving into our beautiful collection, let’s have a closer look at the malachite stone and its properties.

New Malachite Collection by ShanOre Jewelry

What Is Malachite?

Malachite (pronounced mal-uh-kite) is a stone that features concentric bands or rings of different shades of green. The word originates from the ancient Greek word for the herb mallow, which has deep green leaves.

Raw malachite is formed by a chemical reaction between rocks containing copper ore and dioxide carbonated water or dissolved carbonate minerals. In short, this magnificent stone is found in oxidized copper ore.

Raw Malachite and Tumbled Malachite

The Urals region in Russia has been a rich source of this stunning stone. It has also been found throughout Africa, particularly in the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, and Namibia. Australia and Mexico are other locations where this stone has been discovered.

For centuries, malachite stone has been used to make jewelry and carved ornaments and decorations. This opaque stone is soft enough for jewelers to work with and cut into various shapes. Malachite properties are ideal for jewelry. It’s durable for everyday wear but should be treated gently and stored carefully to avoid scratching.

A Colorful History

The ancient Egyptians mined this stunning stone as long ago as 4,000 BC. They made malachite rings, malachite necklaces, and decorative ornaments. They also crushed it to use as a pigment to dye paint and make-up.

Disclaimer: We do not advise trying it at home. Malachite is dangerous in powder form.

One of the most famous examples of this gorgeous stone is in St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace. Completed in 1762, the Baroque palace was designed to outdo the most lavish palaces of Europe. The Malachite Room is one of its highlights.

The history of the Malachite Stone

This former state drawing room is dazzling. Brilliant green malachite columns with ornate gold bases and capitals line the walls. The room features elaborately detailed gold doors beneath a magnificent ceiling with an intricate design in gold. A table, vases, ornaments, and even the fireplace mantle are made of rich green stone.

Brilliant green malachite columns with ornate gold bases and capitals line the walls

The Palace of Versailles also has a Malachite Room. It houses the malachite vases and sculptures Tsar Alexander I gave to Napoleon.

Likewise, malachite jewelry was very popular in Victorian England. People wore many different opaque stones in jewelry, but malachite necklaces were among the most popular.

What Does Malachite Stone Mean?

This amazing stone is known as a stone of transformation. The rich green color is linked to nature, renewal, and growth. The concentric bands of different shades of green symbolize our potential to grow and change throughout our lives.

Transformation, renewal, protection, healing, and spiritual growth

In the spiritual realm, protection, healing, and spiritual growth are also among the malachite benefits. It is said to absorb negative energy, protecting its wearer from other people’s negativity. It also shields its holder from self-destructive or overly critical impulses.

Malachite stone meaning and properties

Malachite’s healing properties are associated with the heart chakra. This chakra deals with really feeling your emotions and working through them.

This is a wonderful stone for anyone working through any heartbreak – whether it is a relationship break-up, the loss of a loved one, the end of a job, or any other major disappointment.

A malachite necklace is a beautiful way to support a friend who is going through some painful loss and growth. The malachite stone meaning can also be a good reminder to yourself to embrace life changes and keep negativity at bay.

Our New Malachite Collection

Our new collection offers you another way to keep your Celtic story alive. The vibrant, rich greens of the malachite stone add the perfect touch of color to symbols such as the tree of life, the Claddagh, the trinity knot, the Celtic cross, and of course, the shamrock.

Each piece features the distinctive green stone in a sterling silver setting. Some also have white cubic zirconia.

Love, family, hope, faith & strength

Words of inspiration grace many of the necklaces, articulating the values and sentiments that are the foundation of Irish culture- Love. Family. Hope. Faith. Strength.

Through the centuries, when the Irish emigrated to new places, these were the ideals that got them through the most challenging times.

Combined with the malachite meaning and healing properties, these pieces are very symbolic. And they can inspire you as you live a new chapter of your family’s story.

We hope that this collection connects you to malachite healing properties as well as your roots.

Discover our malachite jewelry. Each piece holds deep meaning and symbolism. Allow our malachite collection to guide you. It will offer you hope, strength, and positive energy.

Family Tree of life & Trinity Knots

The Celtic tree of life symbolizes strong roots, lineage, and hope. Similarly, the Celtic trinity knots imply the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Both Celtic symbols emphasize the renewal and growth properties of the stone. Wear it anytime you want to renew your strength or reconnect to your roots or nature.

Malachite Tree of Life Family Pendant Malachite Tree of Life Trinity Knot Pendant

The Irish Claddagh

The Irish Claddagh signifies love, loyalty, and friendship. Together, the Claddagh and the malachite stone open your heart to unconditional love. You can wear it to celebrate and renew your love for your life partner. Or to remind yourself about the importance of one’s love for itself.

Malachite Claddagh Necklace Malachite Claddagh Ring

Shamrock and Trinity Knot

The Shamrock and Trinity Knot signify the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Therefore, a malachite-set shamrock or trinity knot represents both hope and holiness. Wear these pieces anytime you need to renew your hope, strength or add an extra bit of good luck to your day.

Shamrock Malachite Pendant Trinity Knot Malachite Pendant

We hope this collection brings you all the positive energy and powerful properties of the Malachite. We hope it can remind you of your roots to make you stronger, that it reminds you to always have hope and guide you through success, fortune, and growth.

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