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Ireland: Better United or No?

Ireland has been divided into two, distinct parts for a long time. Do any reasons remain to be separated or should they just bury the hatchet?

Ever wondered if the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland should reunite? It’s not an uncommon question. When bringing the topic up, some think that perhaps the benefits will outweigh any potential negatives of a joint country. But, will it work is the even bigger question to ask oneself?

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Religion was a key factor and still remains a big divider of the two.
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Some advocates for this change say it would be good for the economy. It is true that dissolving the barrier that exists between the two places would save time, money and hardships. Anyway that you look at it, divisions elude to the fact that things are run differently in one place than in another which aids uniformity and lowers risk when those separating lines are eliminated. There has also been a longstanding stigma associated with Northern Ireland to outsiders and especially those who have lived there and found themselves on the wrong side of a creed.

For many people who have lived in Northern Ireland, being a Catholic there was not advantageous even in the remote sense of the word. These people were routinely singled out for unfair treatment based primarily on their religion. Much of this probably went back to longstanding rifts and issues that related to the split. Also, whenever there is a connection to violence and other major casualties due to a disagreement of this nature and magnitude, the feelings and emotions of the people effected by them tend to run very high and are not easily let go of. This is where we find things today.

It does seem that some people in both sections seem to be willing to compromise. But, there is still a lack in the majority of opinion. Not enough people have given their blessing for a joint venture. There are still many people who oppose a unification for obvious reasons which retreats progress and keeps the status quo.

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While others seem able to rise above the history, squabbles and afflictions in order to put their faith into something better, others simply cannot. An issue for them it that there hasn’t seemed to be adequate motivation or proof that this is something worth doing or even wise.

Perhaps, the relationship between the two parts will forever remain like oil and water. However, maybe one day, the two areas will decide to give it a try and perhaps only on a provisional basis. For now, things seem to be open to multiple options with a reunification not concretely planned.

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