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Ireland Early Blooming Native Flowers

Finally spring is really here, and gardens and green spaces across Ireland are starting to show their colors.  Ireland is so closely associated with the shamrock, that our other native plants are sometimes overlooked.  But Ireland is home to many other plants.  Our early blooming native flowers are popping up, and they are a very welcome sight.  So what does spring in Ireland look like?  Well, it is of course wet and rainy, but the flowers don’t mind that as long as the sun comes out too – and it is.

Flower1While much of Ireland’s distinctive jewelry is inspired by man-made features such as high crosses and stone carvings, our delightful native flowers also offer creative inspiration to both jewelers and artists from ancient stone carvers to the painters who set up shop around St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

Here’s a few of the native flowers to be enjoyed in March.

  • The Wood Anemone can be seen as early as February, usually along the banks of rivers and streams and of course in the woods.  It features a spray of delicate yellow stamen surrounded by white petals that occasionally have a pinkish or bluish tint.  Less than five inches in height, they also have abundant green leaves.  The Irish name for the Wood Anemone is Lus na Gaoithe.
  • The Lesser Celandine is also an early bloomer offering a bright yellow flower on a long stem rising up from a mass of dark, glossy leaves.  This native flower is fond of damp conditions and can be found in large numbers throughout Ireland.  The Irish name for the Lesser Celandine is Grán Arcáin.
  • The Herb-Robert is a small but mighty native flower that will grow almost anywhere in Ireland without any encouragement.  It is a very determined if unintentional part of many gardens.  It features tiny pink or occasionally white flowers on leafy almost vine-like reddish stems.  The Irish name for the Herb-Robert is Ruithéal Ri.
  • The Shepherds Purse features a fruit more delightful and distinctive than its flowers.  While the flowers are small and white, the flat green fruit is triangular or heart shaped.  This native flower can be seen blooming in March, April and every other month of the year all over Ireland.  The Irish name for the Shepherds Purse is Lus an Sparáin.

While the formal and home gardens of Ireland often include more well-known blooms such as primrose, crocus and violets, these native wildflowers deserve a bit of limelight too.  Ireland’s countryside is one of our biggest draws, and these are flowers that brighten it up growing along the side of country roads, river banks, canal tow paths and walking trails.

They provide inspiration of all kinds and make hiking and rambling here a real joy.  And of course, fields, woods and riversides are not the only place to enjoy the beauty of floral designs.  You can also enjoy Irish jewelry featuring designs inspired by nature and the beautiful blooms in our countryside.

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