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Is Ireland Progressively Leading the Way?

Is Ireland leading the way for new ideas and solutions in the political arena? Because they are a country that has navigated rank and status in ways that are both impressive and puzzling, the latest referendum on same-sex marriage has many curious.

Will other countries follow suit? As it appears, Ireland is a possible catalyst in changing what governments view in acceptance. From an outside standpoint, it truly seems that most are just waiting and watching.

For example, many may be wondering, “will it go over well?”,”Will people panic?” or “What will happen?” And so far, not much has happened that is in the realm of bad. There are many deep-seated fears and values that keep many societies unsure of action on this particular topic. At the very least, we can say that Ireland made a first and very brave step towards reform.


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This brings to mind a question; “Just how big is Ireland in matters of influence? Also, are they big enough to sway other regions of the world? I think depending on the area, it is possible. However, I also believe that there will always be resistance in certain areas of the world for very long-standing, cultural reasons. Institutions like matrimony and how to go about it properly tie so deeply with religious conviction and provincial histories. Just one brief look at a history book will tell you how many conflicts arose over such things.

It is not shocking that many countries are hesitant to make changes that may alter their placement with the divine. Ironically, Ireland is a very devout area. It is helpful to take into account their good ratings with the Human Development Index. Delving into things a bit, one can see that way of life is so important for the republic. Not that religion becomes obsolete, it just suddenly makes sense why they would be for something like this referendum.

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In the United States, there are seven times more Irish people than in the republic. While everyone is waiting and watching, it would seem possible that if any country might follow the leader it would the U.S. The U.S. has a major populous of second-generation Irish communities. If once seen that an issue is working well in the republic, they may very well push to have it instated closer to home.

There is really no way to say for sure at this time what will happen. However the good news is that there have been relatively no conflicts due to the progressive developments of Ireland as of recent. They may have taken a big step, however, I think we are still in a testing phase.


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