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Ireland’s Creepy Places are that of Legend

Ever wanted to go on a haunted pilgrimage to Ireland? This could be your chance!

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Have you ever set out to go somewhere that was particularly eerie? If you did, you probably felt excited and invigorated.
Haunted pilgrimages aren’t something people typically go on unless their trade might require it. However, if you did decide to go on one, you might find that there is no better place to explore these fascinations than in Ireland. Why is that?

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.

Ireland is a notoriously very historical place. It’s rich lineage of bloodlines and culture lay out a concept that Ireland has been through alot. When you know a country has seen it’s fair share of crisis and eruption, then the next logical thought points to amazement. Other places in the world haven’t even seen a fraction of that much action, yet were either detrimentally effected or demolished. Yet Ireland stands proudly amongst the ruble and past ruins still able to offer a glimpse of beauty and charm. It is no wonder why people are mesmerized with such a land.

This gaze is usually fixated on historical homes and places that have been standing for centuries. When the stories emerge of what happened in these places, people become even more intrigued. It is one thing to hear about a past sensation or event that was particularity memorable. Then it is quite another, to hear about what remains of that event. This is when you may hear of weird observations or occurrences. People can seem to put these two things together rather quickly. That is to say, whenever something particularity spectacular happens, it often leaves behind some sort of residue. These leftovers usually come out in the form of spirits and paranormal phenomenon.

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.

There are many locations in Ireland that are out of the ordinary and worthy to be considered haunted. However, when time is of the essence, it might be best to pick places that are particularly frightening.

Haunted Rooms is a site that offers people a collection of rooms to choose from either in England, Ireland or Wales. You may pick a particular area and see what, if any, rooms are available that fit your needs.

For example, in Northern Ireland, two infamously haunted places are listed, Dobbin’s Inn Hotel and Ballygally Castle. The republic has several other options to choose from like Renvyle House Hotel and Ballyseede Castle . As part of the site, sleepover ghost hunts and Halloween ghost hunts are available to choose from. And it seems that from the looks of things, going on a haunted outing in Ireland has become quite more convenient to come by.


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