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Ireland’s Informational Guide for Romantics

Getting lost in Ireland? If you ever find yourself there on the day for lovers, take a book.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Ireland for Valentine’s Day, then consider yourself in the most idyllic place of all for romance and love. There may be no better place in the world for a couple who are looking for inspiration, scenery and setting the right mood.

Some of the greatest poets and writers have gotten their imagination from the very landscape that Ireland provides. No matter where you might go, you are bound to run into one or many of the following: old, 450abandoned castles that are over centuries old, everlasting, green pastures, majestic and sweeping cliffs that overlook amazing waters which surround this island and peaceful meadows where you can see for miles and miles and not encounter another living soul. It seems impossible that you can find all of this in a place that is about 30.000 square miles.

It is true that there are lands that are as big, but don’t have even half of what Ireland offers. Even though Ireland is coastal, it somehow manages to maintain the great mystique that many have to come to relish in such a place. There are plenty of places to escape to for privacy like bed and breakfasts, cottages for rent for couples and even paths to bike or hike. If you are looking for a lonely pasture or field, then Ireland has plenty of them. Places like this are perfect for packing a blanket and a basket of treats to retreat to with your best friend or constant companion.

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Do your research and check out the weather reports before heading out, especially if outdoors. You can still have a lovely and sentimental time if you plan accordingly. It does tend to rain sometimes, and this may not even ruin your holiday if you pick a warm spot that motivates you to spend time indoors cozied up to a warm fire. Just pick and gather your firewood before any rain showers begin.

Also, make sure to pack plenty of savory, delightful and delicious snacks to partake in with your loved one. As much as a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day is a much anticipated outing, be sure to have all the necessities beforehand so once you find your place and get into the ambiance, there will be no need to run out to get food or other things that you’ll rely upon.


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