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Irish Bridal Jewelry beyond Rings

Irish bridal jewelry is more than engagement and wedding rings.

On the big day, the bride can wear earrings and a necklace. The right earrings are the finishing touch if she is wearing her hair up, and a pendant framed by the elegant neckline of her wedding dress is stunning. And of course, her bridal party needs earrings and necklaces to complete their look and to thank them for being there. With so many gorgeous options, it isn’t easy to make a decision about jewelry accessories for weddings. Here’s a few tips to help, because details really hold a look together.

Bride on wedding day

Embrace a Theme

Many Celtic motifs are deeply romantic, and they make distinctive wedding and engagement ring designs. Maybe your engagement ring features the Trinity Knot or another entwined Celtic knot design. Or perhaps your wedding band is a Claddagh ring with the hands, heart and crown representing friendship, love and loyalty. If your engagement ring or wedding band features a Celtic design, you can carry that theme further with bridal party jewelry that uses the same design. Regardless of your rings, you can still go with an Irish motif for your wedding day jewelry and your bridal party’s jewelry.

Coordinated vs Matching

The bride’s jewelry can match the pieces her bridal party wears, or it can instead coordinate with them. For example, if the bride wears Trinity Knot earrings and pendant adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystal, her attendants can wear silver Trinity Knot pendants and earrings. The design can be the same while the materials are different. If the bride has a Claddagh engagement ring, the bridal party can wear pendants and earrings featuring the Claddagh motif. Coordinating the bride’s jewelry with what the bridal party wears is a great way to bring the look together. If the bridal party is wearing dresses that are coordinated rather than identical, having them all wear identical jewelry unifies their look.

A Word about Necklines

Choosing the exact pieces still isn’t easy with so many fabulous options! Two key things to consider are the hairstyles the bride and her attendants will be wearing and the necklines on their dresses. V-neck or scoop neck dresses look stunning with pendants. Shorter necklaces or chokers work best with strapless dresses and sweetheart necklines. If the dresses have ruffles or other features around the shoulders or neck, simple stud earrings are best. But if the dresses are more simple and sleek, it’s a great chance to indulge with some stunning earrings.


Irish bridal jewelry is rich in meaning and tradition. It’s classic and enduring. You will see it in your wedding photos for the rest of your life, reminding you of the statement those timeless symbols made about your marriage. And your bridal party can wear it again and again for all sorts of occasions. It is a beautiful way to thank them for all the help and support they’ve given you in the run up to the big day.

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