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Irish Daughters

As a parent in Ireland with a daughter, what things would you most like to give to her? Would you want your daughter to have beauty so she will charm all the boys?

Do you want her to have power so she can make things happen? Or how about wanting her to be bright so she shines and possibly changes the course of history?

It is very important when we chose things we most want our daughters to represent. Sometimes we want daughters to be so much like us, we inadvertently assign them to catch a dream that passed us by at some point in our lives. It is difficult for parents to step aside and allow their children to find their own way without overly influencing what direction their lives go in. An indication of an awesome parent is the ability to step back saying,“she’s got it. She knows what she wants.”

Still there may be some things you truly desire for your daughter to learn and to be. If your family ancestry and Irish roots are two critical things that you as a parent want your daughter to embrace, I think that is admirable. Luckily, we have ways to influence our children and most specifically our daughters, so they adopt things of importance in their lives and future.

A parent can be sure to read historic stories that are pertinent to Ireland to their children before they go to sleep or give them Irish History books as gifts. Parents can also bestow culturally relevant gifts to their children with a nudge and a hope that they will explore for themselves someday the significance.

A gift like this Silver Trinity Diamond Heart Charm would do the trick nicely if gaining some perspective on Irish roots is what you want. At first glance of this necklace, it appears that a woman stands in the center holding her arms together like she presents a gift to someone. In actuality, it is a trinity knot with a diamond underneath it. What makes it even more special is that the charm has wings.

Trinity Knot Charms

You can place a small note or poem inside the box with your gift to her and tell her this gift includes a trinity knot on it for a purpose. You can encourage her to read about what trinity knots mean and consider why you chose to give it to her. Finally, you can comment on the wings indicating that she is your little girl, but you trust she will figure out for herself what most makes her want to fly.

If as a parent, you master the ability of encouraging without encroaching, I would say that was a job well done.

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