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Best Creative Irish Gifts for Graduates 2021

The perfect gift for the graduate in your life

School graduations are huge milestones. Seeing your child receive their diploma is a moment that fills the heart with pride and joy. Whether it is college, high school, or eighth grade that they’ve finished, it deserves celebration.

Academics come easier to some young people than to others, but for all of them, finishing that chapter of life is likely to be one of their biggest achievements so far. Naturally, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other loved ones want to find the perfect way to show how proud they are of the new graduate.

Some popular ways for people to celebrate graduation aren’t recommended right now. Parties and trips won’t be an option for some this year. But a meaningful graduation gift is always appreciated. We’ve put together some ideas about finding the best creative Irish gifts for graduates.

Make It Personal

Your new grad’s interests and plans can guide you to the perfect gift. A set of good luggage is a practical and symbolic gift for a high school graduate preparing to move across the country to attend college.

A recent college graduate preparing to embark on their career might love a stylish briefcase. If a particular book has inspired you to dream about your options for the future, that would be a great gift.

Irish Gifts for Grads

Whatever you chose to give, finding the exact gift is a challenge. Which luggage set or briefcase? How can you make it personal?

Monogramming is an excellent idea for luggage, towels, or linens. But what about finding a more personal gift? And, nothing is more personal than jewelry.
If the graduate has Irish roots, a dream of traveling to Ireland, or an interest in Irish literature, culture, or music, you have a fantastic array of choices for personal, creative Irish gifts – particularly jewelry.

Meaningful Irish Gifts for Graduates

Jewelry is one of the most sentimental and enduring Irish gifts for men or women. We attach a lot of emotional importance to jewelry, and graduation is a very emotionally significant moment. High school and college graduations mark the end of one chapter of life and the start of a new one.

We know how much a well-chosen gift can mean at such a monumental point in life. Also, we’ve had the honor of hearing back from customers not only how much someone enjoyed a gift but why. And at the heart of it is how personal the gift is.

Learn how Morgan got a ShanOre piece for her Graduate Ring

Irish jewelry uses meaningful symbolism that can represent your relationship with the graduate, their personal history, or your hopes for their future. Which of these Irish symbols represents how you feel about this graduate and their achievements – past, present, and future?

  • Celtic Knot Work – These interlacing lines are seamless, without a beginning or end. They represent an infinite, unbroken connection.
  • Trinity Knot – This particular knot is used to signify three connected things. It can be a religious symbol representing the Christian trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Or it can relate to time and generations – past, present and future.
  • Celtic Cross – The distinctive Celtic cross can remind a graduate of their faith and heritage, important sources of courage as they navigate the unknowns of the next chapter of their life.

Celtic Jewelry - Perfect Gift for Grads 2021

  • Tree of Life – The roots nourish the branches that sprout the leaves that stretch out toward the sun and circle down toward the roots. It reminds us that life comes in cycles of growth and that the generations are always connected.
  • Inspiring Words – If you’d like to inspire your grad, then jewelry with inspiring words is the answer. Wish a grad ‘hope’ or ‘strength’ or remind them that their guardian angel is watching over them with a pendant or a bead.

The Perfect Piece of Jewelry for the New Graduate

When people are looking for Irish gifts for men, they often overlook Celtic jewelry. But Celtic design can be worn and enjoyed by anyone, and some Irish jewelry is very masculine, particularly rings with Celtic knotwork. Both men and women can wear Celtic cross necklaces. They come in a wide variety of styles, from sparkling and delicate to simple and strong.

Irish gifts for women include all sorts of jewelry, from delicate earrings to striking pendants. Whichever Irish motif you prefer – from the earthy Tree of Life to the spiritual Celtic Cross or the ancient Celtic knotwork designs – you can find it on silver and gold necklaces, earrings, and rings. A birthstone set in a Claddagh or a Celtic design is always a perfect and personal Irish gift.

Celtic Stone Set Trinity Knot Silver Cross  Celtic Trinity Diamond & Emerald Cross

Gifts That Can Change with Them

For unique and creative Irish gifts, you can purchase beads to make a truly personalized necklace or bracelet. This lets you use more than one symbol to create a rich meaning for the grad in your life. It can even be the start of a tradition where you give them a new bead to celebrate other major milestones.

Charm bracelets are also wonderful Irish gifts for women graduates. They can add new charms for different events to create a unique personal history. Over time, you and other loved ones can give them more charms to add to their bracelet.

Celtic Beads and Charms for Graduates

We all change as we embrace new experiences and adventures. Irish jewelry that reflects this change either through the symbols used or the piece’s own capacity to change as new beads or charms are added is very meaningful.

Whatever Irish gifts for women or men you chose for your graduate, you can be sure it will be treasured. It can be a touchstone as they move through all of the milestones ahead. It will remind them of your confidence in their abilities and pride in their achievements.

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What about you, what are your favorite ideas for Irish gifts for graduates? Would you give something different?

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