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Why Irish Kids Think Vegans are Weird

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

Do you know what Irish kids think of vegans and vegetarians? Well, their opinions might not startle you. The reason I say this is because you may very well hold the same beliefs as they do.

In all truth, these children probably didn’t develop these insights on their own. They probably got these notions from the things they’ve seen and heard from the adults around them.


Here is the Youth Tuber video along with their thoughts.

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

In fact, there are even places out in cyber-land that support the views of these individuals. Irish Vegan is one such place. They offer info on events, recipes and suggestions for those vegans who reside in Ireland. And in case anyone was curious, they outline their purpose for adhering to veganism. On the website they clearly state that,”veganism is a belief that animals should not be exploited for any reason.”
Try imagining children who fully understand this. When I was a child, I did not understand what exploit meant or why people might do something based on it. So, our Irish children have no real grasp of that idea. Of course, they are going to think vegans are weird or strange.

To them, cheese is delicious; so is ice cream. The thought of giving up one of these delicacies and often for food that isn’t as tasty is absurd! I have yet to see a child who wants to live their life eating only vegetables and fruits. I have also never heard a child say that they didn’t want to eat meat because of unfair practices. But, I have heard of children who didn’t want to eat something based on a personal experience.

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

As a woman who eats red meat, I can attest that this was not always the case. When I was young, I witnessed a relative get very ill after eating a steak and needless to say, it was jolting. I had not had any previous issues with this type of food. After that, I had an aversion to eating steak and red meats. I truly thought it would make me sick. And yes, people may have thought that was “weird” especially if they did not understand why. It wasn’t until I was out of high school when many of my friends who ate red meats tried to encourage me to give it a shot. I guess enough time had lapsed between the troubling incident and my willingness to try.  I did, however, relent. I was prodded to try a filet mignon. Not only was it delicious, but I have liked red meat ever since. Unfortunately for me, I developed a strong liking for the priciest cut out there and well, I have learned to live with that.

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