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Is Irish Your Love Language?

Sure, that book about various ‘love languages’ didn’t mean actual spoken and written languages.  That type of love language is about the many ways we express affection.

But language does something to us.  And an Irish accent leaves an awful lot of people around the world weak in the knees.  The stereotype is that French is the language of love, but some surveys  say otherwise.  (And we can’t argue with them!)

A 2009 poll found the Irish have the sexiest accent in the world.  A 2015 poll put us in third place.  That one put British in the top spot. So we have to assume it was down to people classing the Northern Irish accent as British.  In a different 2015 poll, American women voted Irish men as the most attractive in the world.  And half of them said it was because of the accent.  It stands to reason then that hearing Irish people speak Irish would cause a significant portion of the world’s population to swoon.  Apparently, Irish is indeed many people’s love language.

Shanore is introducing a new ring design featuring the Irish language that’s sure to set hearts aflutter.  We know how natural it is to turn to your heritage to find the ideal way to tell someone you love how you feel.  So we pondered and pondered what the most romantic phrase in the Irish language would be.  Mo anam cara is Irish for ‘my soulmate’.  And that says it all really.

Introducing the Mo Anam Cara Ring

The new ring is a perfect one for The One.  Combining exquisite craftsmanship with the beauty of the Irish language is an ideal way to tell someone how deep your feelings of connection and affection run.  Our new ring features the phrase ‘mo anam cara’ with a delicate trinity knot on either side of the words.  The ladies’ version is dazzling with a Swarovski crystal set inside the ‘o’ in ‘mo’.  It will go beautifully with the sparkle in her eyes.

The trinity knot is often used as a religious symbol to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But that is not it’s only meaning.  It is also used to symbolize the past, present and future.  On this soulmate ring, that meaning resonates.  If you treasure the memories you’ve made together, enjoy facing each day together and look forward to a joyful future together, the trinity knot on this mo anam cara ring is a distinctive way to tell them.

We designed this ring to represent how you feel about your one and only, and how we  use our language.  You don’t hear many people outside the Gaeltacht areas having full conversations in Irish, but you do hear our native language sprinkled in everyday conversation.  Especially outside of Dublin, you often hear short phrases such as ‘go raibh maith agat’ (thank you) and ‘slan agat’ and ‘slan leat’ (goodbye).  A ring bearing this term of endearment captures the sentiment we have for our language and the sentiment you have for your beloved.

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