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Is a Kennedy Fashion Revival Coming?

Abercrombie and Fitch have just released a line of men’s clothes inspired by John F. Kennedy, who really did wear the brand’s chinos.

The new line features a new take on those classic high-waisted, straight-legged chinos as well as swimming trunks and a sailing jacket. The red, white and blue capsule wardrobe features a rope motif, a nod to JFK’s love of sailing that also links to his Irish heritage.

The Irish-American 35th president of the United States was effortlessly stylish, but even his good looks and fashion sense were overshadowed by those of his wife, Jacqueline. That beloved first lady is an eternal fashion icon. Her distinctive fashions and impeccable taste carried her through many, many style revolutions. So the question on many minds is who is going to launch a clothing collection inspired by her?

It might be awhile before you can find pillbox hats at your local department store – although Meghan Markle might be helping to revive small, stylish hats. But simple sheath dresses never went out of style. Big sunglasses made a return a couple of years ago, and they’re still hot. But if you really want to capture the former FLOTUS’s supremely iconic style at events this summer, you’ll need to accessorize with the right jewelry.

Classic Sparkle with the Halo Collection

One of Jackie Kennedy’s most stunning jewelry sets was a necklace and matching drop earrings featuring large emeralds surrounded by a generous border of tiny, dazzling diamonds. JFK gave her the set after he won the 1960 election. It wasn’t the first time he gave her emeralds. Maybe his fondness for these green gems was a nod to his links to the emerald isle. When JFK proposed, he gave his beloved a vintage art deco engagement ring that featured a diamond and an emerald.

ShanOre’s Halo collection gives you the same brilliant green set in pure sparkle. These generously sized gems will turn heads and add an air of timeless charm to your look. The Halo collection isn’t modelled on Kennedy’s famous pieces, but it nonetheless offers a similar appeal. The large, vibrant green gemstones are surrounded by an ample border of tiny, glittering, cubic zirconia. The shapes are different, but both have simple, bold lines.

The Halo Collection is the perfect touch for a simple sheath dress to give you the sophisticated style of Jackie Kennedy without being a replica. Another difference is that the Halo collection incorporates the distinctly Celtic trinity knot in cubic zirconia about the green gemstones for a truly Irish touch. Some of the Halo pieces use only sparkling cubic zirconia with no green. Those pieces are ideal to wear with a dress that is a rich, bright color, while the green gemstones are stunning worn with black, white, or neutral colors.

John F. and Jackie Kennedy both had classic fashion tastes that transcended their times. Their outfits look as stylish now as they did then. So it is no wonder that so many elements of their looks keep coming back in style.

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