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Is It Time for a Celtic Engagement Ring?

If your relationship can withstand a pandemic, it seems a safe bet you were meant for each other and that side by side, you are ready for anything.

Some couples self-isolating together found that it actually wasn’t all bad because they had each other. Others realized that absence really can make the heart grow a lot fonder. Now they want to join their lives and never be separated again. The festive season is always been a popular time to pop the question. This year, perhaps more people than usual will decide to make the season even more magical with the perfect Irish engagement ring.



Celtic art is rich in symbolism, which means you have some stunning options if you want an engagement ring with meaning. And of course, gemstones have their own history of symbolism. You can combine the right stone with the right design to create a Celtic engagement ring that’s just right for her.

Understanding Celtic Design Motifs

Galway on Ireland’s rugged, romantic Atlantic coast is the home of the famous Claddagh design. The heart held in two hands with a crown above it represents love, friendship and loyalty – the key components of a happy marriage. It even has a romantic backstory. A Galway man designed the symbol when pirates captured him and sold him to a goldsmith as a slave. While far from his beloved, he crafted the first Claddagh ring. He eventually gained his freedom, returned to Galway and presented it to her as an engagement ring.

Celtic knotwork’s distinctive trait is that it is made with one unbroken line. Yes, all of those intricate, detailed knots are a single continuous line. It represents eternity, making it a beautiful symbol for an engagement ring. While Celtic knotwork comes in endless varieties, perhaps the most fitting for an engagement or wedding ring is the trinity knot. These three loops represent the past, present and future, a celebration of your shared history, the moment you wed and the future stretching out before you.

Say It with the Right Gemstones

  • Diamond – Known as a girl’s best friend, diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They have a Mohr rating of 10. If your beloved was born in April, this is her birthstone. And for everyone, the clear shine of a diamond represents true love. It also means that diamonds go beautifully with every other gem.

  • Emerald – Always perfect for an Irish engagement ring, this stunning green gem is the month of May’s birthstone. Cleopatra famously fed Marc Antony a pearl, but you wouldn’t see her wasting an emerald like that. Emeralds were her favorite gem. They score 8 on the Mohs scale.
  • Ruby – Red is universally known as the color for love and romance. Chinese brides traditionally wore red for their weddings. July’s birthstone is almost as tough as diamonds with a Mohs score of 9. Many cultures consider rubies are lucky.

  • Sapphire –Long ago, the Irish used blue to represent St. Patrick. The blue sapphire is a symbol of loyalty and sincerity. It might look delicate, but it scores 9 on the Mohs scale. Sapphire is the birthstone for September. If she has blue eyes, it will look stunning on her finger.

From Christmas through New Year and on to St. Valentine’s Day, couples will be getting engaged. If you are among them, a Celtic engagement ring can be the perfect symbol of your love and commitment.

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