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July Birthstone — Meaning, History, and Powers

Find out more about the meaning and powers of the July birthstone

The fortunate folks born in July have rubies as their birthstone. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, red gemstone jewelry makes everything better.

Rubies and Sapphire belong to the same stone group. However, ruby is the red variant of corundum, a mineral that gets its characteristic deep red color from the element chromium. Thus, ruby and sapphire are different thanks to the red hue of the former.

Read further to know all about the royal gemstone, its fascinating characteristics, and how it affects those born in July.

July Birthstone History

Ruby is one of the most coveted gemstones. The term “Ruby” is derived from the Latin word ruber or Rubeus. It means the color red, which is associated with love and passion.

As mentioned already, a ruby gets its characteristic red color from the mineral chromium. The more the amount of chromium, the darker the red tint. The July birthstone color looks quite rich and aesthetically pleasing.

July Birthstone History - By ShanOre Irish Jewelry

The finest ruby material was once mined in Burma’s Mogok Valley, known for its intense blood-red color with purple undertones. Due to their deep color, these Burmese Rubies are also known as Pigeon’s Blood Rubies. They are more valuable than any other kind.

After discovering that heat treatment boosted color saturation, the Mong Hsu region of Myanmar began producing rubies in the 1990s. Other ruby resources can be found in Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Middle East, East Africa, and even the US.

July Birthstone Meaning & Powers

In ancient India, this exquisite gemstone was called ratnaraj, meaning the “king of precious stones.” It had a special significance due to its rarity, beauty, and mystical powers. Rubies were always known for bringing good fortune to civilizations.

Associated with the life force blood, rubies are a symbol of power and youthful energy. Conversely, the previous centuries saw the ruby birthstone as a predictor of danger or misfortune.

July Birthstone Meaning - by ShanOre Irish Jewelry

Only second to diamond when it comes to hardness, ruby measures nine on the Mohs scale. It is claimed to be effective against inflammatory diseases. Others call it an excellent means to control and limit anger.

Burmese warriors thought it made them unstoppable in combat. Rubies, according to medieval Europeans, imparted health, intelligence, prosperity, love, and success. Rubies are utilized in clocks, lasers, and medical equipment, in addition to jewelry.

Some Facts about the Ruby

Here are some exciting things that you might not know about rubies, even if it is your birthstone:-

  1. Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones; emerald, sapphire, and diamond complete the list
  2. Rubies are also a common present for couples celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary
  3. Sapphires are non-red corundum types that are gem-quality
  4. The finest rubies were mined from Myanmar; hence they are called Burmese rubies
  5. Perfect rubies are scarce. Therefore, if you find one that has no inclusions, it is most certainly not a genuine ruby

Finding the Best July Birthstone Jewelry

The Ruby is a beautiful gem often used to make exquisite Jewelry. In addition, alternatives like Cubic Zirconia or red crystals are often used as synthetic rubies to give the same charm as the actual scarlet gem.

You can find the perfect birthstone gift at ShanOre Irish Jewelry. We create some of the most unique and iconic Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry by incorporating Cubic Zirconia and Crystals. If you are on the lookout for the perfect birthday gift, ShanOre is your spot for shimmering brilliance. Some of our best pieces with the July birthstones are as follows:

July Claddagh Birthstone Pendant & Chain with Ruby Red Color Crystal

Get your beloved July birthstone set in a pendant with this piece of jewelry. Cast in sterling silver, it is encrusted with crystals in white and the precious blood red ruby. It makes a beautiful gift for July-born folks and otherwise, too.

July Claddagh Birthstone Pendant & Chain with Ruby Red Color Crystal

July Birthstone Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Nothing better to celebrate a July-born than a July birthstone ring. The cherry-red cubic zirconia stone is nestled in between two beautifully casted hands. With engraving on the inside, the ruby birthstone ring makes an ideal gift for your friends born in July.

July Birthstone Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Our Final Thoughts

The July birthstone is a beautiful gem that is studded in the most exquisite jewelry pieces. Whether set in a pendant or a ring, it would be the highlight of your look.

At ShanOre, we design some of the best Claddagh July Birthstone jewelry. If you are looking for the perfect birthday or wedding anniversary gift, ShanOre Irish Jewelry is your place for the best value pieces.

A red jewel’s strength makes it valuable for purposes except perhaps Jewelry, as noted previously. A genuine ruby can be expensive, but Cubic Zirconia and crystals do the trick if you are on a budget. Whether or not you were born in July, owning a stunning piece of July birthstone jewelry can attract good fortune to your life.

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