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A Lady Never Outgrows Birthstone Rings: February

It is now a new month which is the second month of the year, February. We now have a new birthstone to discuss for our claddagh design pendant and ring which is the amethyst.

Beginning in ancient times, the belief was that amethyst was good at warding off the evils of Bacchus. Bacchus was the god of wine and winemaking, so it serves to show that amethyst is said to be a good omen for those who were looking to abstain from drinking wine and the effects of it’s concoction. People came to believe that amethyst kept the person wearing the stone clear-headed and quick-witted.

The color of amethyst is unmistakable. It is the birthstone that is the closest color to purple, but it is often described as having a red tone in it’s stone also. In the past, much of the most precious amethysts were found in Russia, however, most modern day stones are located in Brazil and Zambia.

Here in the Claddagh February Birthstone Ring, the center stone amethyst is manmade.  The ring is made of sterling silver and features the three characteristics of the claddagh that symbolism love, loyalty and friendship. There are also two diamonds on either side of the crown.










If you are wondering what the amethyst may help you with besides helping to ward away Bacchus, it also has been claimed to help with insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, and circulatory issues. It is also a very good stone when looking to add peace, balance, courage, and inner strength to one’s life.

Wear the stone around your neck in our Claddagh Birthstone Pendant to promote peace and balance to your inner core or remind yourself every time that you look in the mirror when you see the amethyst on your chest of the courage that you need to do the task that you may fear.










February’s birth flower is the Iris named after the Greek goddess Iris. In mythology it is said that Iris used the rainbow as her way of travel to spread messages of love and this is no coincidence that the most romantic holiday of the year falls in the month of February.  Therefore, the iris flower has become a symbol for love communication and elegance.

Along with a piece of Shanore jewelry a bouquet of iris flowers would be a perfect and meaningful gift for a February birthday or even for a Valentine’s day gift. There is a lot of meaning in the color that you may chose however. White irises symbolize purity while purple symbolize wisdom and compliments and blue would symbolize faith and hope and finally if you were to chose yellow irises those would symbolize passion.

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