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A Lady Never Outgrows Birthstone Rings: November

Here we are just at the start of a new month and a new Holiday season. We’ve already clad ring novdiscussed the wonderful marvels of the Claddagh birthstone pendant and ring as well as the Silver Spiral Pendant here on Shanore for last month. However, each month offers an individual set of traditions as well as it’s own set of stones and every month itself is special. So if you have a loved one who’s birthday falls in the month of November please read on and take a look at our beautiful birthday products to chose from.

If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating a birthday in the month of November, you celebrate your day along with the fall which means the changing of the seasons and that is representative in the color of the birthstone which is Citrine or Topaz.  The beautiful amber color highlights very nicely with our sterling silver settings. Feast your eyes on the Claddagh Birthstone Ring November!

This color will go very nicely with denim or casual wear as well as more formal attire which is quite suitable for the holidays. Since the birthstone for November is so similar to the hue amber it is worthy to note how valuable and prized the stone is.

It is no surprise that since November is the month for Thanksgiving, it is therefore a time nov birthstone beadwhere we officially give thanks and gratitude to those around us. It is difficult to think of a better way then to give someone we love a birthstone piece for her birthday. Our pieces are so unique, elegant and refined with a hint or sophistication that it makes pairing them as gifts for a November birthday just right as giving them are welcome Thanksgiving rewards as well. Try a piece like seen here with the Silver Spiral Birthstone Bead November Bead that fits onto our Tara’s Diary bracelets which would make a lovely surprise!

Imagine planning a gift of a Claddagh ring or pendant for your sister when you see her clad neck novfor Thanksgiving dinner or giving your wife, mother or girlfriend a similar piece like the Claddagh Birthstone Pendant for November during the same holiday week. It is just a very nice way of saying thank you and happy birthday with a nice touch of class added to the gift giving moment.

Take our word for it here at Shanore, that the prospect of cherishing your loved one with a birthstone piece will not go unnoticed and especially for coupling the gift with a major holiday such as Thanksgiving. with all of the other activities that will be sure to be keeping your loved one busy, she will be bound to notice your gesture and feel very much appreciative of your efforts.


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