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A Lady Never Outgrows Birthstone Rings

pendant2If you were like me, than birthstone rings were ever so popular when you were a young lady. I remember them as having been very basic looking and nothing all too special. Fortunately, we never really outgrow them and there is still time in the month of October to secure a Claddagh Birthstone pendant or Silver Spiral Birthstone.

The real change that I have seen is in the presentation of the Claddagh pendant and in the Claddagh Birthstone Ring and you most likely have never seen it either! We also have a Silver Spiral piece that adds it’s own unique touch to the birthstone. The two pieces are very much different which can be perfect depending on who you are tailoring your gift for.

claddagh ring octoberThe Claddagh piece is a timeless classic that can be given to a woman of any age. I can picture a young girl giving this necklace to her grandmother or even her mother or even the opposite scenario of a grandmother giving this gift to her granddaughter. Since the piece has many other elements in it besides the birthstone for October, this makes the pendant a heartfelt gift.

The details exquisitely detailed in this pendant represent love, loyalty and friendship and render this necklace suitable for many occasions. The heart signifies love, while the crown represents loyalty and the hands represent friendship.

october spiralFor a simpler more elegant look, I would suggest the Silver Spiral Pendant which would look perfect paired with a simple cashmere sweater or nicely paired with an outfit for going about the town. The pendant pairs ever so nicely with our Tara’s Diary Bracelets which are so very sophisticated and lovely. In some instances, you may even want to consider all three options for your loved one since they complete such different styles and looks. It never hurts to have two or three options and that makes your loved one feel even more special!

Since it is October, we are in the fall time and in Ireland that usually means plenty of time for festivals and Irish music. Therefore, this is the time of year to bundle up with the ones we love to be around and to venture outside for good fun and folklore.

With these two products offered by Shanore, pairing an October birthday with a festivity seems almost too perfect.


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