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A Lady Never Outgrows Birthstone Rings: April

Now is the time where the snow is officially melting or melted and the showers begin to arrive. The old adage that came along of “April showers bring May flowers” now bears it’s significance because with the flowing waters from the sky come the budding flowers and gardens from the ground.

We offer our classic claddagh birthstone ring for the month of April as we do for every month with the Claddagh Birthstone Ring for April. The claddagh design features a heart, crown and hands which symbolize love, loyalty and friendship. The ring is made of sterling silver and in the center of the ring is a stone made of cubic zirconia.untitled









A little bit of history on the birthstone of April which is the diamond is in order. Those who wear the stone are purported to help those who wear these stones have better relationships and to increase their strength. Also, the diamond can possibly benefit one wearing them in the areas of balance, clarity and abundance.

It is not uncommon for people to wear diamonds in a multitude of colors besides the most common variety seen which is white. The other colors that one may encounter in a diamond are black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange and yellow.  It is often said that when choosing a diamond it is best to consider the three c’s which stand for cut, clarity and color.

The Claddagh Birthstone Pendant for April is another wonderful gift for an April birthday. It is a sterling silver pendant with a cubic zirconia stone. The stone and design is a bit smaller than that of the ring, however it still incorporates the essential elements of the claddagh.










The pendant will look ever feminine draped around the neck with a pretty sundress for a night out to eat dinner. The claddagh ring will pair well with most outfits and since the April birthstone is white there is not one outfit that it would clash with.

As long as April is a month synonymous with gardens, flowers and pretty outfits to wear out to eat, than it is important not to forget the April birth flower. There are actually two flowers for the month of April and the first one is the sweet pea. This flower comes in a variety of pastel colors and also in two tone varieties. The sweet pea signifies pleasure or farewell or a common adage that became associated with the flower which was “thank you for a lovely time.” The second flower for April is the daisy. The daisy means innocence, purity, beauty and cheerfulness. Richard Jameson discovered this flower in South Africa however it dates back to ancient times.

Whether you decide to pick the claddagh ring or the pendant for your April birthday, be sure to pair it with a bunch of sweet peas or daisies. While you are at it, take a stroll outside and enjoy the springtime making sure to avoid the puddles while also enjoying the blooms.

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