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For Your Little Valentine

Traditionally one would pass out the store bought cards and candies for our holiday known as Valentine’s Day, but now we can put much more thought into our gifts.  Fathers can go out and buy their daughters nice gifts for that special day of the year as an example of what to expect as they grow into womanhood.  This way when they become little ladies they can be more discriminating in their selections all because of the example that was set from a young age on how they should be treated.

The most common favorite color of the little girls is pink and that is incorporated into the charms, bracelets and pendants of ShanOre’s children’s line.  Whether you are a father looking to get something for his daughter or perhaps a godparent looking for your young godchild, there are some great choices in pink.  A young lady would really love our Silver Pink Diamond Shamrock Bag Pendant.  She would be very satisfied to wear this everyday to school or to outside activities.  The pendant is sterling silver and coated with a pink enamel.










We also have a Silver Heart Pink Enamel Diamond Charm.  This charm is in the shape of a heart with a cross in the center in pink enamel and a nice trinity knot that keeps the heart attached to the clasp of the charm.







Some little girls appreciate charms more than pendants.  It depends on the girl.  For those girls who are more fastidious a charm would be a nice way to go.  Young ladies may eventually find themselves enjoying to collect jewelry.  For them you will need something like Tara’s Diary Bracelet 7 Inches.  We have these bracelets also in green, purple and pink leather and additional lengths.  The shortest length is seven inches and they also come in two other lengths of 7.75 inches and 8.5 inches.

However, if you aren’t sure, more active girls will probably enjoy the pendants more.  Charms can be lost more easily and are more inclined to break off if not watched very carefully.  Pendants are easier for girls on the go.  One unique and well-liked pendant for most active girls is the Silver Pink Enamel Claddagh Pendant.  It is sterling silver with our classic claddagh design and finished with our pink enamel.










As you can see we have several options for your little valentine and you can even pick a gift for them just because you love them any day of the year.  Hopefully, we here at ShanOre have helped you narrow down your choices so you can pick the perfect little gift for your youngster that fits her lifestyle as close to ideal as possible.

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