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Lovely Spring Drops

Spring time has an abundance of many things in Ireland and seasonally. We expect to see more drops of rain since we are usually spending more times outdoors after several months spent hibernating indoors.  Our friends and family drop by to say hi which is a different kind of drop, but a drop nonetheless. With holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day, many recipes call for cookies that are in the drop shapes.

However, when talking about ShanOre drops, I am referring to our style of earrings. Drop earrings are different from a studded earring and slightly different from a dangle. Drops are typically a bit more dainty and usually more secure than other earrings.

This first drop is the Celtic Silver Drop Pearl Earring. Attached to each drop are two pearls and than a sterling silver globe is affixed on the end. The sterling silver globe has trinity knots inscribed all over the surface of it’s exterior. These sterling silver earrings go from small in size of sphere to large as you go away from the ear giving a very pleasing look to whoever is wearing the drop. One of the great illusions about this type of earring is the elongation of the face that it creates.










Another great drop choice are the Celtic Silver Pearl Earrings. These earrings also come in sterling silver and have a lovely clutch hold on a pearl. These earrings have less length in the drop yet are more profound in their statement. These earrings strike a very sophisticated and elegant chord with whomever might don them with a beautiful blouse, dress or sweater. They simply can be worn with most anything this time of year.










Lastly, we have the Celtic Trinity Stone Set Silver Earrings which are sterling silver. These long vertical earrings create a unique dimension and then add a different element with a heart shaped cubic zirconia in green dropped at the end. Out of all the choices here, this one ranks as the most individual of them all. It has the one splash of color with a stone and a retro element added into it. However, it is nice to have a drop that indicates a little bit of fun in your wardrobe.










With all of these drops in our ShanOre lineup it may be pretty hard to figure out which one you like the best. It might suit you well to pick several to fit more than one occasion.  Keep in mind that with all the drops that we have discussed, besides the jewelry ones, it is nice to have several earrings that will match up with your springtime outfits so that you are never left without a perfect pair of pretty ear pieces for when your friends just decide to “drop” by.

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