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Make It A Special Concoction

In about a week, the most festive Irish holiday of the year will be underway. It is a time for celebration, revelry and good conversations. In order to prepare for this special holiday, it is important to have the right supplies on hand.

If you are hosting a party or going to one, it would be polite to bring something great to snack on or to drink. And since St. Patrick’s Day is a one of a kind type of event, you can get really creative in what you put together.

Most people are well aware of having green beer for St. Patrick’s Day, but there are many other drinks that can be just as cheerful. For those people who prefer a mixed cocktail, you can try making a Honeydew Martini. This is a relatively simple drink with just three ingredients; triple sec, Midori and vodka. This is a strong drink, but it may go over well with those who cannot drink green beer all day. The Midori gives this cocktail a nice green tinge while also contributing a melon taste mixed with the orange flavor of the triple sec.

There are some other fantastic cocktails that can make your St. Patrick’s day a fun one. See here for a list of 12 St. Patrick’s day cocktails.

And keep in mind, that just because it is St. Patrick’s day, doesn’t mean it cannot be a day filled with a touch of romance. Times that bring family and loved ones together can also be opportune times of making a commitment to the one you love.

For St. Patrick’s Day, this ring would not only be appropriate, but it would also be sure to sweep her off of her feet.

This cluster engagement ring has so many special aspects to it! In the center of the ring is a gorgeous emerald surrounded by several shining diamonds. The band is made of white gold which is a great metal for women who like silver over gold jewelry. Finally, the ring has two trinity knots on the front face. These symbols will show the utmost respect for your relationship.

So how do you make the ideal concoction for St. Patrick’s Day? Make a wonderful mixed drink like the Honeydew Martini and then drop this lovely engagement ring in the center of the glass. I can guarantee that she won’t ever see it coming until she sees this beautiful ring shimmering back at her from the bottom of the glass! Cheers!

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