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Make Yourself a Merry Little Necklace

by Ginny
by Ginny

Christmas decorating does not stop with decking the halls and lighting up the tree.  Tis the season to make yourself or someone on your gift list a merry little necklace or bracelet with festive Christmas and winter theme beads from Tara’s Diary.

Dreary winter days are the perfect time to get creative and crafty, and four new beads created just for this season give you what you need to create the perfect necklaces and bracelets.

by Elliot Brown
by Elliot Brown

Walking into a holiday party wearing unique jewelry you made yourself is a great feeling.  You know that no one else there will be wearing the same thing, and it’s an ice breaker when you are meeting new people while wearing it.  You can add a festive touch to any outfit with your own Christmas jewelry.

Christmas gifts made by the giver are always heart-warming.  A handmade gift is a beautiful way to show someone that you really care enough to put the time, thought and effort into making their gift.  Nothing feels better on Christmas morning than opening a gift that shows someone feels that way about you.

Four Fabulously Festive New Beads

presentWho doesn’t love a present?  This gorgeous sterling silver gift package wrapped in delicately braided gold ribbon and bedecked with wee shamrocks and sparkling stones captures the magic and wonder of the season.  Remember when carefully examining and shaking the presents under the tree and guessing what they were was almost as much fun as opening them?

snowmanThis sweet little snowman will remind you of the winters you built other snowmen with family, friends and neighbors, laughing in the cold and feeling so warm inside.  This cheery fellow won’t melt so he can spend many more winters warming your heart.  Never mind the carrots; he’s got a cozy green scarf, shamrock buttons and two eyes made out of sparkling stones.

by Tom Hilton
by Tom Hilton

snowflakeSticking with the snow motif, why not add a sparkling snowflake or two to your unique jewelry creation?  The first snowfall of the season is magic, according to Frosty, and he should know.  Nothing brings a joyful crowd to the window faster than the sight of snowflakes fluttering from the sky, and this stunning snowflake can bring out the same joy and admiration as part of an original necklace or bracelet.

SantaA certain jolly old elf with belly like a bowl full of jelly is one of the season’s most beloved figures.  A master craftsman himself, he’s a perfect centerpiece for your handmade holiday jewelry.  His festive red coat and cap with white trim is synonymous with Christmas.  This adorable bead version features a green shamrock belt buckle.

When you craft your own jewelry, you can decide exactly what you want.  You can focus it on Christmas with Santa and presents or you can go for more general winter theme with snowflakes and snowmen.  Tara’s Diary has many other beads that can add to the look of your winter creation, such as beads featuring the word ‘joy’, musical instruments and a woolly Aran sweater.

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