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Have you ever had a great dinner and wanted the perfect finale? Or maybe you are the kind of person who likes to drink your coffee with a little bit of something special in it.

If there is one thing Ireland is renowned for it’s for their Irish Cream. In fact, this flavor is now incorporated into many items that before had never been associated with this savory taste. A friend was recently eating a pastry which was flavored as Irish Cream, and I realized how this concoction is no longer being used solely as an after dinner drink or addition to cafe. The taste is now something you can use in cakes, pastries and other baked goods.

This Yummly’s link contains dozens of awesome recipes that take Irish cream to the next level! Now the following time that you make a cheesecake or a batch of croissants, you can consider adding a bit of this cream to it!

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Logistically speaking, Bailey’s is a liquor drink that comprises of 17% alcohol. What makes it unique is that it blends whiskey with cream and because of the process with which it is made, the two do not separate, but rather stay well-combined within the potion. There are other flavors entailed in it as well like chocolate, vanilla, caramel and sugar. This is why it is so great over the rocks, as a desert or as a creamer in coffees.

The distributor for Bailey’s is located in Dublin but unfortunately, they do not offer tours of the plant. So although it may be disappointing not to see the process with which it is made, you can learn to make your own Irish Cream! And to top it all, this is a relatively easy recipe with very few ingredients and steps.

You will need 1.5 cups of whiskey, 1 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk, 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, 2 teaspoons of instant coffee and 1.5 cups of heavy cream. Place the first four ingredients in a blender. Blend on high until mixed. Transfer to a bowl and gradually add the cream until smooth.  Store this in the refrigerator covered for up to two weeks.

As an added suggestion and because you will be making this recipe on your own, you can disregard the addition of coffee to the recipe and instead use a different flavor like raspberry, mint or citrus depending on the celebration. What you may find is that when you make your own Irish Cream, you have more fun creating fresh variations of the standard and then you can brave to use it in a new recipe.  Either way, using this flavor in common foods sounds like a wonderful revelation especially when it comes from home.

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