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Mark the Difference

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, many people will be making their way to Ireland from other areas of the world.

For one section in Ireland, onlookers can literally take a step back in time and enjoy the life of a period that has long since been forgotten. But first, you have to get there.

I am speaking about a castle near Shannon Town on the western side of Ireland. The name is Bunratty Castle. It is named this because the property lies right near the ending of Ratty River. The river glides alongside the castle and eventually empties into a estuary downstream.

The castle that exists today is the fourth structure built on the land. The previous buildings underwent major changes due to the violence of the surroundings. Therefore, they were rebuilt repeatedly. The chaos involved the passing of the castle between Irish Chieftains and English Kings over a period of several centuries. Bunratty Castle was a pawn between the struggling powers and therefore it’s fluctuating ownership depicted the taste of whichever side had control over it. This explains why there was so much change involved.

Today they are most famous for their medieval banquets.  For a little over $50 dollars per adult, Bunratty will entertain and delight you with a four course meal. Guests are greeted with 15th century attire and participants. There is a butler, a king and queen, as well as many folks who sing to the crowd.  It is certain that one who participates in this adventure will feel as though they walked back in time. It is so enlivening that the food is just part of the fun.

It is imperative to make reservations for your showing. Bunratty offers two different times at night in order to accommodate more people. This link here for Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet will give you more information on how to purchase tickets and other tidbits.

When you are done with dinner and if you are still craving more, the area offers a folk park where you can take a walk backwards in history.  Bunratty Folk Park is a charming reenactment of life hundred of years ago.  It might even be best to plan your day at the park and follow it up with a banquet. What better way to celebrate Irish legacy!

Watch below for a short video on Bunratty Castle and the activities of the folk park nearby. Participants will see members dressed in clothing of the past and get a real sense of what life was like over five hundred years ago in Ireland.

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