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Mix One Part Wood and One Part Fashion

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

If there is one thing the Irish countryside has a lot of, it’s trees and fences. The majestic areas are picturesque, almost like something out of a poem.


Some may find themselves drawn to these areas out of a love for nature. Others may like the romance or nostalgia associated there.

Whatever it is, the pull it has over many is strong, almost magnetic. It may never occur to most that things that motivate and propel them may have so much more to do with the choices they make in all walks of life. One area this manifests specifically would be fashion.

Most of us would not look at a tree branch and think,”hey, I wonder how that would look on me?” Like it or not, nature, and even wood has a big part in inspiring many artists. And to touch on the pervious point, those who choose symbols of life or nature are more likely to hold a special place for these values somewhere in their lives.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

By this I mean, a poet who writes about sunrises, pastures and castles might more readily see the brilliance in wearing a wooden bracelet. It takes a philosophical sort to render that the bracelet of wood, was once a tree. Maybe it was a tall tree or maybe it was a short tree. Whatever it was, it was a tree that came to life because someone either planted it and cared for it or by way of a rogue seed.

It’s this thought process that I speak of which instigates people to choose something like a the Tree of Life Pendant. It is a beautifully delicate balance made from both gold and silver. The branches sprout out and out on a limb is the iconic trinity knot.


I imagine a jewelry connoisseur might like849 this pendant because of it’s rare form. However, I bet that more than likely the people most inclined to purchase and wear this symbol have a sentimental place for it already inside of them. They may have a strong Irish family and the tree symbolizes their strong bonds. They may also feel really strongly about the trinity knot and it’s influence over life. I also think that there will be some who are simple and really love trees, life and everything about what this necklace represents. Those are the people who will
take this necklace and care for it just as
if it were there own little tree.

For some added insight, here is a great site which shows how wood and nature has inspired one fashion designer.






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